Audrey Roloff Defends Ski Trip to “Grumpy” Haters on Social Media



You won’t believe this, but Audrey Roloff is facing some criticism online in response to something she shared about herself and her family.

Wait, what’s that you say?

You absolutely, totally and completely believe it? Considering the former Little People, Big World star often gets clowned for such seemingly benign behavior as posting about a recent run?

Fair enough. Good point.

The latest ridiculous controversy surrounding Audrey centers on how she took to her official Instagram page on Wednesday, April 12.

The mother of three did so in order to share a video that chronicled the vacation she had just been on with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, and their kids Ember, 5, Bode, 3, and Radley, ​17 months.

Based on the footage, this family clearly enjoyed its time at Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.

“You don’t wanna know how long it took me to pack and unpack from this trip, but it was SO worth it,” Audrey captioned the clip before sharing highlights from the vacation.

A bit of a humblebrag? Probably.

But we’re not sure if Audrey deserved the backlash she received from critics, many of whom assumed for some reason that she didn’t pay anything to go away.

“Oh the struggles of packing for a free vacation, wish everybody had these problems,” one person remarked.

Again, to reiterate, we don’t why any presumptions were made about this vacation being some kind of unpaid for, promotional deal for the Roloffs.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff appear to have a healthy marriage. We’re very happy for them.

Audrey eventually addressed the criticism when she shared another photo from the trip via her Instagram Stories.

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“I appreciate those of you who balance the comment section with some [heart emoji],” she wrote. “Some people are just a little grumpy.”

It’s true.

When you trash someone you don’t know over the Internet, especially for something as inconsequential as Audrey’s unpacking comment above… it says a lot more about you than the subject of your ire.

Over the years, Audrey has often been dragged for coming across like a know-it-all when it comes to parenting and/or romance.

To be clear, she definitely does come across this way often, too.

In November, however, Roloff kept it real and admitted that isn’t a perfect mother or a perfect person.

Far from it, in fact.

Audrey Roloff has made some cute kids, hasn’t she? The former reality star poses with them here.

“In case you are new here or not, I just felt like I wanted to say while I share a lot about my life here on the gram, there is a lot of my life that I don’t share,” the author and podcast host wrote as a caption to footage that depicted her washing dishes… in a sweatshirt… her hair a mess.

“These parts. Mostly the less glamorous ones,” she added.

“Like all the dishes after a day of taking care of sick kids, or sitting in the steamy shower at 2am.”

Continued Audrey, emphasizing that her life is far from ideal.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff say they went on 52 dates in 52 weeks over the course of 2022. That’s very impressive if true!

“Probably just like you, I spend a large portion of my day cooking, cleaning, coloring, carrying and cuddling.

“And I’m so grateful for this because I love being a mom,” she added back then.

“But I also just felt like I wanted to remind you not [to] glamorize anyone else’s life on here.

“We don’t have it all together. And neither do you. No one does.”

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