Briana DeJesus Talks Finances: I’ve Done Some Things I’m Not Proud Of … But It Was All For My Kids!



Briana DeJesus might be the most divisive figure in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

She’s not as widely despised as Farrah Abraham or Jenelle Evans, nor is she as universally beloved as Chelsea Houska.

Some viewers admire Briana’s outspoken demeanor, while others think she stirs the pot unnecessarily.

Some say she delights in drama, while others note that her combative nature makes for quality TV.

Briana DeJesus smiles big in an episode of Teen Mom 2.

Whatever the case, no one can deny that Briana knows how to hustle.

In fact, she might be the hardest working star in the Teen Mom universe.

Throughout much of her time on Teen Mom 2, Briana worked a full-time job, and she invested her earnings from the show, becoming the owner of multiple businesses while still in her twenties.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks rather concerned in this photo from Teen Mom 2, doesn’t she? (Photo via MTV)

And she accomplished all of this, of course, as a single mother of two.

Now, at 28, Briana has crossed another major life goal off of her list:

For Christmas, Briana surprised her daughters with the news that she had purchased a second home and the three of them would be moving in once construction was complete.

This week, Briana took to Instagram to inform her followers that the big day is nearly at hand.

But with her typical candor, DeJesus admitted that it wasn’t easy to bring this project to fruition,

In fact, she says she “went [through] the worst depression” of her life “and did things that took me out of character for this.”

“I am nervous to move in,” DeJesus wrote on her Instagram Story alongside of photos of the nearly-completed home.

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“First home I purchased I was more excited bc I was able to move my whole family and now here we are- venturing off (just me and the kids). I prayed for this.

“Generational wealth is my end goal,” Briana continued.

“Leaving my kids with everything so they don’t have to struggle like we did. I love my kids more than anything!”

Briana went on to reveal that while her new home is nothing fancy — she might be throwing some subtle shade at her longtime rival, Kailyn Lowry, who recently built a mansion — it represents a brighter future for herself and her kids.

“It may not be a mansion, I may not have that white picket fence dream with a big family every girl dreams about but I’m the first woman in my family to own multiple homes without needing help from a man (no offense),” DeJesus wrote.

“I will continue to work hard for my kids bc they deserve it! I want to give them everything I didn’t get to have during my childhood,” she added.

Briana DeJesus shared an exciting announcement with fans this week. She’s reached another major milestone, but she says getting there wasn’t easy. (Photo via Instagram)

“I suffered quietly and kept it pushing bc I knew I had to get to the end goal.”

Briana went on to say that the house is the culmination of a plan that she began shortly after she became famous.

“I made plans and conquered them within 6 years. I know God was always in my corner even during the rough times. I know he is always looking out for me,” she wrote.

“Some of y’all will say- it’s just a house but to me, it’s more than that,” she added.

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“It’s proof to never give up. Anyways, cheers to 2023! I can’t wait to make new memories with my kids here! And I also can’t wait to see where we will be in another 6 years!”

Briana obviously has every reason to be proud of herself.

And the best part of all of this is the example that she’s setting for her daughters.


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