Desperate Housewives Reboot Pitch Shared By John Actor



Jesse Metcalfe, who played John in the soapy series Desperate Housewives, shares his idea for a series reboot. These days, when the question of a possible Desperate Housewives continuation does come up, it’s often related to the idea of bringing Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Eva Longoria back to television screens. However, the iconic ABC show had a sprawling cast of supporting and recurring players, including Metcalfe. In the role of gardener John Rowland, the actor shared a number of memorable scenes with Longoria’s Gabrielle Solis.


While promoting his new Prime Video film On a Wing and a Prayer, Metcalfe also spoke to Parade about rebooting Desperate Housewives. Metcalfe noted that he hasn’t heard anything about whether the hit drama may return. In the quote below, though, he does bring up the idea of reprising his role as John in a potential new version of the show, saying:

I think they could definitely reboot Desperate Housewives. I could be like one of the parents of like the younger cast or something.

Will A Desperate Housewives Reboot Happen? It Looks Unlikely

Desperate Housewives Toasting To Mary Alice In Pilot Episode

Hatcher has already shot down the chances of rebooting Desperate Housewives more than once. Dating back to 2018, she spoke frankly about the fact that those sorts of projects are rarely executed well. Similar sentiments have been echoed, albeit with more optimism, by series creator Marc Cherry. He’d mentioned being open to rebooting Desperate Housewives if the idea was right and the cast was a good fit.

Actors are routinely asked about their most famous roles in the process of promoting new projects, so it’s understandable that Metcalfe would offer up the idea of returning to Desperate Housewives as a parent. It’s a setup that has been used, to varying levels of success, by a lot of shows. Cobra Kai, the Saved by the Bell reboot, and Girl Meets World all come to mind as relatively recent examples. However, a show needs more than just that general outline in order to find success.

Desperate Housewives already has a fairly robust legacy. In addition to its massive success in the ratings, the women of Wisteria Lane have done a great deal to inspire a wave of unscripted series, especially with the Real Housewives franchise. There seems to be an acknowledgment, by many in the cast and crew, that the chances of a reboot are always looming. However, without a strong hook, it’s likely to remain hypothetical.

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