Dodge informs us ‘Density Matters’ in new ‘Last Call’ teaser



The last place we expected to find little green men is in the teaser campaign for Dodge’s Last Call series. And yes, we mean “men” plural, because here we again trying to parse a cryptic teaser with two leprechauns. The last teaser showed a little leprechaun acquiring fluids from an IV dispensing a gold liquid. We’ll guess that liquid is ethanol, and it turned the little guy into GigaChad — or would that be GigaChaun in this case? The new teaser, called “Density Matters,” puts the little guy on one side of a balance scale and GigaChaun on the other. Notice the IronMan-like arc reactor in the heavyweight’s chest, glowing yellow.

When the weigh-in gets going, the little guy starts on the bottom with the scale at zero. A switch gets flipped, there’s the whine of what could be a supercharger, and Gigachaun’s eyes glow yellow as whatever his superpower is takes over. The denouement comes quick, the big guy coming in at 7.1 pounds greater than his alter ego.

But 7.1 pounds of what kind of density is the question. It can’t be vehicle power density; the 5,450-pound, 797-horsepower 2023 Challenger SRT Super Stock registers 0.148 horsepower per pound, and the only place you’d see a 39,500-hp Dodge would be in space if Chrysler still had an aerospace department, but Chrysler doesn’t. Comparing the power density of various grades of ethanol to one another and to gasoline doesn’t yield a number that makes sense in this context, either.

Some have supposed the Hellcat’s supercharger could be the answer, the 2.7-liter unit producing 14.5 psi of boost to create those 807 horses. But that points to an absurd number as well. We’ve heard Dodge didn’t want to step on the 1,000 Hellephant crate engine’s toes with this Last Call model. That crate motor breathes through a 3.0-liter supercharger maxing out at 15 psi of boost. As a look at any supercharger comparison chart reveals, the math deciding output depends on numerous factors. It’s possible, though, that cranking the 2.7-liter screw up to 21.2 psi of boost wouldn’t merely crimp the Hellephant’s toes, it would shoot the pachyderm in the head, roast its trunk for dinner and sell its tusks on the open market. And in fact, that would explain the blown prototype engines

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But we don’t know. So in addition to the name of the model, we’ve got another mystery about what it can do. We might get an answer when the next teaser arrives on March 9. If not then, the reveal goes down at the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas event at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 20.

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