Merger of Long Island and Chicago firms launch rebrand



Following last summer’s merger of Port Washington-based NPD Group and Chicago-based Information Resources Inc., the combined company has rebranded as Circana. 

The new firm specializes in business intelligence, advising on consumer behavior through the use of advanced analytics and cross-industry data. 

Circana tracks millions of products spanning more than 2,000 categories across more than 500,000 stores in 20 countries, with insights powered by the technology platform Liquid Data. Circana now advises nearly 7,000 brands and retailers worldwide. 

“We are proud to begin this new chapter together as Circana, a name that conveys our 360-degree, full-circle understanding of the consumer and market, and our unique ability to bring clients a complete view of the consumer, store and wallet,” Kirk Perry, president and CEO of Circana, said in a company statement. “In today’s dynamic global retail and media environment, our value proposition has never been stronger. Circana is undeniably best positioned to advise the world’s leading brands and retailers across almost every industry on how to identify opportunity, ignite innovation and grow well into the future.” 

Tod Johnson, chairman of Circana’s board of directors, said the combination of IRI and NPD created a category of one.  

“In the months since the merger, we have demonstrated — for our clients and for our team — the immense value of bringing our firms together,” Johnson said in the statement. “Moving forward with a unified name and brand signifies that Circana is committed to delivering on the full value of our powerful combination for all of our stakeholders, with a relentless focus on innovation and growth.” 

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The Circana brand was created in partnership with global brand consulting firm Landor & Fitch. Circana’s parent company is the private equity firm Hellman & Friedman.   


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