Doom Patrol’s New ‘Beast Girl’ Is a HUGE Upgrade from a Classic Member



Warning! Contains spoilers for Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1!The newbie member of the Doom Patrol packs a punch that the rest of the team could only dream of. Beast Girl, the latest recruit of the World’s Strangest Heroes, has a helpful power that makes conflict completely unnecessary.

They may be an odd bunch of misfits, but the Doom Patrol has been the home of some of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. While some, like Robotman or Elastiwoman, are a bit more grounded in what they can do, others are capable of downright miracles. Negative Man, for example, has a radioactive spirit that can transmutate objects and even fuse people to create new beings. There’s also Crazy Jane and her entire network of alternate personas, each one with their own ability. The team has always been the home of unique individuals who don’t fit in anywhere else, and they continue to add people to their ranks.


Doom Patrol’s Beast Girl Attacks Peoples’ Minds to End Fights Early

Beast Girl Brain Attack DC Comics

In Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 by Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham, the team responds to an emergency in Gotham. A company known as Metagen is trying to contain an outbreak resulting from experiments it’s performed on a powerful metahuman. The Doom Patrol dives in, but in addition to dealing with the rogue experiments, they also have to deal with hostile Metagen employees. Robotman escorts the team’s new member, Beast Girl, to take on Metagen. With a simple utterance of the word “Run“, she sends Metagen workers running for their lives. Beast Girl informs Robotman that she can attack the amygdala of people’s brains and affect their most primal instincts.

The Doom Patrol is no stranger to having younger members on their team, as they were Beast Boy’s original team when he first started. And while Beast Boy was a valuable part of the crew, his methods were more physical. With his shape-shifting abilities, Garfiled Logan could turn into an elephant or a hippo to try and do some damage to the opposition. While that may have its uses, Beast Girl’s approach is subtler and more direct. By attacking the brains of her enemies and convincing them to run, she could potentially eliminate the Doom Patrol’s need to ever engage in combat.

Beast Girl is an Improved Version of Beast Boy

Beast Girl and Beast Boy DC Comics

Sure, Beast Girl can’t transform into a giant octopus, but she really doesn’t need to. Anything with a ‘lizard brain’ is susceptible to her power. Meaning that most foes’ fight-or-flight instincts will instantly default to ‘flight’ as long as she’s around. Considering some of the villains the team fights, that could be a godsend. They can focus less on fighting and spend more time trying to accomplish their goals. And who knows what Beast Girl will be able to do if she focuses her power? Today she can only affect people’s amygdala’s, but with enough training, she could one day possess full-fledged mind control powers. Fans can see Beast Girl in action in Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1, on sale now.


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