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  • Hey Portland, I’m Hiring Help… And Need A Couple of Rooms For Some Fun Makeovers! - US Business News
    Home » Hey Portland, I’m Hiring Help… And Need A Couple of Rooms For Some Fun Makeovers!

    Hey Portland, I’m Hiring Help… And Need A Couple of Rooms For Some Fun Makeovers!

    by James Henry

    Hey all, as things ramp up again over here after a bit of a creative sabbatical. I’m excited that there are some big projects happening, but I am rather understaffed on my own project and while I’ve been doing a ton of house stuff on the weekends to try to stay on top of it all, I’m looking for a few people (as well as a couple of houses for makeovers) to help. These are all Portland-based (ideally close to SW). Here’s what I’m hoping to find:

    1. A house manager/personal assistant. Part-time (10-15 hours on slower weeks, up to 25 on busier weeks). There is so much to do over here, a lot of it very physical that I can’t do alone or it doesn’t make sense for me to spend my time. I made a to-do list so people understand the general day-to-day expectation (and I think it fun to see other people’s todo lists): receive boxes, break down boxes, figure out how to recycle boxes, remove boxes, replant plants into large pots, cement glue large broken pot back together, plaster the pots? paint pots? power wash back deck, book painters, pick up paint, put together furniture, help me move so much furniture, hang art, book handy person, pick up groceries, put groceries away, organize prop closet, move more furniture, prep for shoots (which may include cleaning that room), sell furniture on Facebook, coordinate furniture with upholstery company, organize all props, taking out trash when full, clean up after lunches on shoot days, walk dogs if needed, help execute some more DIY ideas, run errands, return things via shipping or in-store, water plants, help manage subs, keep styled room styled nicely… the list really goes on and on. This is a position that doesn’t need a lot of fancy design skills, just great problem-solving and self-starting skills, a very positive attitude, honesty, the ability to read the room, and a lot of willingness to do anything. The hours are flexible – but mostly Monday-Thursday, during the daytime. This is $20-25 an hour and will start as an independent contractor. Obviously, anything can happen from there, but this is not a styling or design position – it’s a big ole helper that is much needed around our house as we gear up for more and more shoots (and starting to think about how to clear out and organize the other buildings on the property to get them ready for projects next year). I think this is a great job for a musician, artist, or maker looking for some consistency during the day or simply someone who likes to move their body, make some extra money, and take pride in keeping this lady’s house intact and organized during a lot of disruptive and chaotic production. Could this lead to styling help? Sure, but right now I need physical help.
    2. A video and social media creative production person 1-3 days a week, freelance – with rates TBD. Emily M. has been shooting our social and then sending it down to Mal to edit and post. Many days it works, but we all agree that for big reveals or really interesting projects (like hanging an epic gallery wall or a day of rearranging furniture in a room) having someone who is tapped into the creative here when it comes to video production (and therefore social video) would be just lovely (and far less clunky). I don’t need or want a full production crew – instead, a fun person to help direct our video content to be better, tell me what to do, and help with consistency, especially around partnership, and reveal content. Likely hourly pay or day rate, and work as an independent contractor/freelance. We’d shoot two days a week (9 am-3 pm ideally) then edit outside of that.
    3. A great handy person. This is a universal hole we are missing in the world. I’m looking for someone with experience that has their own tools to help me with all things home repair. For example, I need someone to change out our hanging porch sofa from chains to rope, hang some super heavy art, re-caulk some areas after settling, paint small dry walls areas, help my brother frame out our greenhouse, change out sink water filters, switch out sconces, hang string lights, hang a super heavy mirror, power wash all the things, etc. This would vary per week, but I’d really love someone consistent who knows the house (and depending on where we land with #1, the needs might vary as well).
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    photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the feel good flash makeover reveal (a.k.a. my favorite thing i did all year)

    We are also looking for a couple of homes for projects:

    1. A no demo-reno kitchen to feature a new kitchen island. The new island doesn’t have any plumbing, gas, or electrical (but it’s a VERY pretty piece of furniture with a lot of storage). The kitchen would get a cosmetic upgrade (paint cabinets, new lighting, new tile if needed, updated appliances if needed) but no walls or plumbing moved (ideally). Great natural light is a huge plus and the ability to shoot an island from many angles (ideally not a galley kitchen). Timing is ASAP for a June shoot (so you’d get an updated kitchen in 3 months!!). You would need to contribute a construction budget, knowing that you’d get a lot of product and my services for free. We also have a budget as well – but it’s not endless. If you have this kitchen please email submissions to hello@emilyhendersondesign.com with many many many photos and the location. We will be scouting locations Monday and Tuesday (so send over the weekend – today and tomorrow – sorry for the rush!!!!) The deadline is this coming Monday 3/6!
    2. A feel-good family makeover room/s. I was watching some of our older makeover videos with our kids the other day for the first time (Sylvia’s and our first flash makeover) and y’all they are so fun and just incredibly rewarding. We decided it’s the perfect family project for the summer and the kids got SO excited to help design and do a surprise. I’m hoping to be able to do one late this summer. Ideally, you would nominate a family in Portland that could use this in their life and you’d be involved in helping and garnering help from others depending on what it requires (i.e. other family members to help paint, etc). It doesn’t need to be someone in total dire straights – just someone who is maybe in a challenging position in life and unable to do this for themselves. This would be just furniture/paint/decor (i.e. not a remodel) and likely 1-2 rooms (similar to what we’ve done before). Send through their story/photos if you can and know that we’ll take submissions for a while and likely not start until early summer, and likely execute in August (so if you don’t hear from us asap don’t be surprised).
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    I just want to pre-thank anyone who submits! It’s going to be an exciting year. xx

    Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: A Quick Trip To Target: The Little Things That Make Me Feel Good And Pulled Together

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