Hot Off The Presses: 9 Design News Alerts You’ll Want To Know About This April



Too many good design things have been happening lately for there not to be a fresh design news post! Collabs, collections, and of course a beautiful design book have been hitting the internet so we thought a little bit of a deeper look (and celebration). I probably say this everything time but it’s all so good! But I guess when you love design, this kind of stuff just never gets old. We are going to start off with a VERY exciting collection by a designer that will be remembered in the design history books…

Lulu And Georgia X Eny Lee Parker Collection

You’ve seen Eny Parker Lee’s work before because she is responsible for creating this modern classic light that took over the internet. While her personal works may be a little out of a lot of our price ranges, she has already collaborated with Mitzi, giving us beautiful, more affordable options. Now she has this incredible new collection with Lulu and Georgia (who also sells her Mitzi lights:)). It’s not easy to create neutral pieces that feel fresh and different but if anyone can it’s Eny. There is a sampling of her collection.

Solana Chaise Sectional Sofa | Laria Pitcher | Elle Sideboard

I love this modular sofa but I really love the tie detail on the pillows! It’s simple but feels interesting. Then who doesn’t love a cool pitcher? This one is pretty and would also make an awesome vase. And lastly, how beautiful is that sideboard?? I love the doors, the miro knob, and those special legs. This piece could work with so many different styles.

June Ottoman | Leven Marble Tray | May Dining Chair

Ottomans have so many uses but most of them are round or square. Nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to have another option (and one that feels very “Eny Lee Parker”). Ok, a chic little raised tray?? I am in. Then finally I will leave you with this wildly cool chair. You just aren’t going to see unique pieces like this in many other people’s homes. So if it’s in your budget and you love it, GO FOR IT. In my opinion, these are collector’s items.

Target X Hilton Carter Collection

via target

Our favorite plant expert is back with another great collection! Hilton is equal parts plant genius and design expert. His taste is impeccable and his designs are modern with depth. Also if you don’t follow him you are missing out on wildly entertaining and helpful plant tip videos!

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Metal Wire Plant Stand Terracotta | 5″ Wide Footed Rectangular Terracotta Outdoor Planter Box | 9″ Wide Footed Stoneware Outdoor Planter Pot

If you’ve been following Em on Instagram then you may have noticed her love for plant stands. This one is super fun with its metal wiring but is then contrasted with the natural terracotta top. A perfect match. The planter box in the middle is probably my personal favorite piece! Those wonderful shapes and the cutout on the bottom make such a unique box for your plants. Lastly, this simple yet very cool black planter would look great in anyone’s home.

10″ Wide Self-Watering Square Concrete Outdoor Planter Pot | Outdoor Planter Pot with Metal Stand | 16″ Artificial Polka Dot Plant

A self-watering planter that looks cool?! There might be hope for me to keep a plant alive, y’all. Then the planter/stand combo in the middle is another beautiful blend of contrasting materials that are neutral but not boring to look at. Then if you are going to get a faux plant get a cool one like this one!

Heidi Caillier’s New Book

Talk about design news! EHD-Favorite Heidi Caillier is coming out with her book, Memories of Home and it’s all about mixing patterns, colors, and textures. She truly is a master of her craft (including mixing materials) so we are all VERY excited to get her book. Go preorder now because it’s crucial for a book’s success! Congrats Heidi<3

RUGS USA X Arvin Olano

via rugs usa

Last month, in this post, I told you that Arvin’s journey designing his dream home was a must-follow. His house is a mid-century modern dreamboat! What I didn’t yet mention was his rug line with Rugs USA because it really deserves a call out all on its own.

It’s full of neutrals, textures, and has a ton of great patterns that will look great with so many different styled homes. And look how beautiful they look in the photos above (FYI that’s his home:))!

Brown Melrose Checked Area Rug | Gray Sophie Striped Wool Area Rug | Ivory Parker Check Textured Area Rug

Em is a big fan of a subtle pattern for its kid and pet-friendly capabilities so the first rug on the left is perfect for that! The next two rugs in this lineup are two different takes on organic stripes which is such a great stripe variation.

Ivory Riley Textured Shag Area Rug | Beige Ginger Cotton-Blend Area Rug | Beige Chandy Textured Wool Area Rug

These three beauties have more of a Moroccan style with a modern feel. I really love the two-pile look on the far left but all three are great. Go check out the whole collection (including the great prices:))

H&M Home Artist Collabs

I really love that companies are investing more into actual artists and H&M is currently doing that with these two artists: Lulama Wolf and Amber Vittoria. Two female artists bring two wonderful but two very different color palettes to some H&M home decor.

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Lulama Wolf

Let’s start with Lulama. She works mostly with neutral tones and abstract figures. Texture was clearly an important part of this collection which I think really makes it special. Let’s take a little look…

Tufted Wool Rug | Hand-Painted Stoneware Serving Dish

This rug may be on the smaller side but would add a perfect small accent to any small area. Then this dish is SO good. I love that color blue and the design is stunning. Special without being overly ornate.

Amber Vittoria

via h&m

Moving onto Amber, I’m sure it’s quite clear what initially makes these collections different from each other… BOLD COLOR. These decor pieces are full of childish whimsy but in a way that adults will want them in their homes too:)

Tufted Wool Rug | Poster Natural White/Abstract

For the color lovers out there this collab is perfect. Or if you just want to have a color moment then choosing one is also a great option.

CB2 Spring Collection

Spring collection time is the best time and per usual CB2 is bringing the very cool, very modern (and vintage-inspired) pieces to us. I also think their spring sale is happening right now. This new drop is filled with things from every category so let’s get into six of my favorites…

Terrain 4-Piece L-Shaped Bronze Brown Velvet Sectional Sofa | Sabia Ivory Ceramic Table Lamp with Black Shade | Masha Rattan and Teak Outdoor Lounge Chair with White Sunbrella Cushions

If you know me, you know I love that sofa color a lot. But what I also love are those wood legs. SO cool and chic. I love my single-cushion sofa but with all these incredible modular sofa options on the market, I am convinced. The next two pieces are more on the organic side. That lamp base is very pretty and made a bit more modern with that black lampshade. Oh and that outdoor chair is STUNNING. For the right style of home, I say bring that chair inside.

Plier Square High-Gloss Walnut Wood Coffee Table | Flounce Black Teak Decorative Bowl | Monte Ivory Upholstered Dining Chair

The colors and materials of this table really remind me of my vintage coffee table so I am a big fan. Normally I’m not a high gloss lover but it really works with this piece. It also comes in a side table size. As for that bowl, what a centerpiece! It’s would add a ton of organic dimension to a room. Then that dining chair is such a cutie. That curved backrest is such a special detail. The website says it’s waterproof, performance fabric but I would still consider your lifestyle before purchasing these.

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Nest Studio Collection X Katie Gong Collab

The artist, Katie Gong, who created the wood squiggle that was in my last living room has now branched out to hardware. I could gush forever because I love her work so much but here is a little blurb that Katie wrote, “I’ve been working with @neststudiohardware and @atelier_davis since 2018 on these. All four shapes were created by making waxed molds of my work in order to cast these gorgeous pieces. Full collection available in three finishes via @neststudiohardware Please check these out as they are truly special and will look so amazing in any home project.”

These handles are a work of art so let’s check out all four pieces:

Knot-04 | Knot-01

Knot-03 | Knot-02

These are four great size and style options (that come in three different finishes). All you need is a simple cabinet or drawer front because these pieces will steal the show!

Backdrop’s Fourth Wallcovering Collection

Turini | Ephemera | The Cloisters

Another great collection from Backdrop. They are really nailing the modern wallpaper game. Take a look at the site to see all the different color options and the one I didn’t include:)

Crate & Barrel X Leanne Ford Collection

via crate & barrel

Leanne’s easy breezy vibe is going outside this year with her outdoor collection! It’s simple, natural, and well-designed (obviously!) Let’s see more…

via crate & barrel

I really love her melamine dinnerware! Everything is so pretty that I would consider using them indoors too. Those slightly imperfect shapes are really good.

Jeannie Teak Outdoor Chaise Lounge | Pebble White Indoor/Outdoor Concrete Side Table | Pansy 23″x23″ Stripe Outdoor Pillow

See what I mean by it being simple, natural, and well-designed?? None of these pieces are screaming, “pay attention to me” but instead create that beautiful feeling of being relaxed while outside. Such a well-curated collection!

Workstead’s New Collection – Pendolo

via workstead

Another EHD favorite, Workstead. All of their lights are incredible with their beauty and quality off the charts. So when I saw they had a new collection I clearly needed to tell you about it.

Pendolo Pendant III | Pendolo Pendant Small | Pendolo Flush Mount Small

This entire collection is filled with warm, light-filtering light through linen-wrapped cones. They play a lot with scale and balance which I loved. Give me all of the oversized lights. While not all of the fixtures are oversized, they all have linen and metal finish options so you can create your perfect Pendolo light.

Well, that’s it for this fine Monday and if you have any other news drop it in the comments!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via Lulu and Georgia

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