How In-App Purchases Affect the Gaming Industry


It seems like almost every online game has in-app purchases. Some games make it impossible to win unless you purchase loot boxes, bonus health, or time-limited bundles.

Take Clash of Clans as an example. This mobile game lets you train troops, build a community or go to war. It’s a fun, popular game with millions of players. But there’s a catch.

Dominating the Clash of Clans leaderboard comes at a cost. You must spend money to buy gems, gold, and elixir. These in-game currencies help you upgrade your troops or buildings.  Clash of Clans isn’t the only Pay to Win Game out there.

There are plenty of modern games with lots of in-app purchases. And they’re changing how we view the gaming industry entirely. Learn more below.

It Saves a Player’s Time

You want to become the best-ranked player in a game’s leaderboard. You know it takes time to accumulate points and wins. But there’s a shortcut. You can upgrade your equipment and win more competitions.

By doing so, you can achieve your gaming objectives more quickly. For starters, you become a better player now that you have better weapons and gear. Secondly, you earn more points and level up on the leaderboards faster.

In the iGaming industry, in-game purchases don’t help you level up.  They give you access to a slot’s best rewards—free spins, multipliers, scatters, and jackpots. Each reward has its benefits.

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If you trigger wild symbols, they can replace every other icon on the reels to help you win money. If you trigger a jackpot, it’s instant money. Find a casino for real money if you would like to experience slots with in-game purchases. At the best sites, you receive a bonus for being a new customer.

It Increases Player Engagement

When you think about it, most gamers love hunting skins. Some people can spend the entire day on a game trying to find a rare weapon or a free loot box. Others play a game to socialize.

Maybe they want to engage their fellow gamers in chat rooms. They want to talk about the best freebies they’ve unlocked so far. Or, they want to get ideas about how to find free skins.

The bottom line: a game with in-app purchases is more engaging than one that’s not. This is also true for casino games. No one wants to play classic slot machines because they have few or no in-app freebies.

However, people love video slots because you can unlock a bonus round, multipliers, or a jackpot.

More Free-to-Install Games

If you’re like many gamers, you rarely spend money to install new games. You prefer to download free games. And if you like the experience, you’re open to spending money on in-game purchases.

This freemium gaming model is beneficial to both the publishers and players. As a game publisher, you can offer your game for free and lots of people will download it. But you still get to make money by selling in-app products.

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On the other hand, you don’t have to spend money on games if you’re a gamer. You can take advantage of freebies or use the tools you have to complete missions and level up on the leaderboard.

When you think about it, the freemium model has made gaming more popular than ever before. In the past, lots of people would avoid gaming because you had to spend money on a game before you could download it.

These days, you can play virtually any game you want. You pay only if you truly want to boost your in-app currency or complete difficult missions comfortably.

It Boosts Loyalty

It’s true—gamers are increasingly getting frustrated by pay-to-win video games. But not every game with in-app purchases shoves its promotions down your throat.

Some games are built in a way that you can achieve so many things without denting your wallet on loot boxes. Such games are enjoyable to play. And they also encourage loyalty.

You know you don’t have to spend money to have fun. But you can also spend a small amount of money on skins because you enjoy the game. Think of games like Fortnite, CS: GO, and League of Legends.

They’re incredibly engaging games. But they’re free to play unless you need skins, a battle pass, or a premium gaming mode. Because they’re exciting and gripping, people keep coming back to play.

It Impacts a Player’s Competitive Advantage

Gone are the days when everyone had an equal chance to discover skins and complete missions in video games. These days, how successful you become in a video game depends on the amount of money you’re willing to spend on in-app purchases.

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It’s a frustrating experience if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a game. But it also makes things easier if you’re an avid gamer who wants to stay ahead of everyone else.

That being said, the power dynamics can become imbalanced when buying in-app products is all you need to win. It’s therefore important to find games where people pay money for in-app experiences that don’t hold too much power.

A Constant Demand for Money

We know— video game publishers and developers need to make money from their games. But with in-app purchases becoming so prevalent, modern gaming is a like a money pit.

You can’t truly enjoy a game unless you keep dishing out money. This is especially frustrating if you like to complete games. You may spend dozens of hours in a game. But if you pay to unlock features like skins, you have no chance of completing it.

Another problem with in-app purchases is that they can lead to unhealthy spending habits. You might become addicted to a game so much that you spend more money than is financially appropriate for you.


The future of gaming is freemium. Publishers no long demand money upfront after they release a game. Instead, they let you get a glimpse of their game. Then they sell you skins you will need to have a better gaming experience.

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