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Insights in the US Market for Crypto Casinos | Regulations and Laws Compared to Other Countries

by Mark Dylan
Insights in the US Market for Crypto Casinos

The world of cryptocurrency gaming has existed for a while. But not all governments endorse online gambling. Knowing whether online gambling is permitted in your state is so crucial.

In the United States, wagering is among the most significant economic drivers. To raise federal cash, several states have enacted laws allowing but also limiting the extent of online gambling.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is completely legal to use Bitcoin in the United States. However, there is a lot of ambiguity around whether cryptos can be used lawfully in specific industries, such as gaming and betting. On this page, we’ll examine the crypto casino market and its regulation in the USA.

Defining Crypto Gambling

The currency you use to deposit money and withdraw winnings will have a significant impact on your overall casino experience. You will gain a lot of extra advantages from using digital currency.

For instance, processing withdrawals when playing with conventional currency can take anywhere from a few hours to seven days. On the other side, crypto withdrawals are fast.

To get started with crypto gaming, check out some of the top crypto casinos reviewed and recommended by onlinecryptocasinos.io. If you make your first deposit, you stand to win up to 1BTC in bonuses.

The Challenges Facing Regulation of Crypto Gaming in the United States

Finding a unified legal strategy for crypto gaming and gambling is difficult because virtual currencies are yet to be acknowledged as legal capital instruments in the nation. Each jurisdiction has laws in place to control the exchange of digital currency.

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The complexity is further increased by the propensity of state and federal laws to contradict one another. Consumer protection provided by bitcoin regulation needs to improve in the future.

Currently, it is not properly simplified, and there might be several regulatory errors. The US Treasury is worried about the rising uncertainty because the country urgently needs robust and comprehensive crypto laws in light of the skyrocketing crypto markets.

In 2020, the US Treasury implemented further restrictions on crypto gaming. There are now stricter laws governing US individuals’ use of digital currency on websites that offer to gamble. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is also employing a novel technique to monitor unlicensed online cryptography activities.

Additionally, new regulations are being implemented to set norms that declare a tax review system for employing blockchain technology.

The Global Crypto Gaming Market

The European Union has, for the longest time, been at the forefront of the crypto trend as a pioneer in legalizing cryptocurrencies. However, as of the time of writing, there is no comprehensive regulation in place to control activity related to crypto casinos.

Although the UK recognizes Bitcoin as a store of value, there are many limitations placed on cryptocurrency gaming. However, before submitting an application, casinos that want to accept Bitcoin must make sure they “can satisfy the regulations related to the source of funds, and failing to do so could lead to the request being rejected.” Although the confirmation procedure may appear tiresome or protracted, it is vital to guarantee legal crypto gaming in the country.

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Malta is yet another nation leading the crypto regulation front. The first blockchain-related laws, MDIA, ITAS, and VFA were all enacted in Malta. It is regarded as the most recognizable legal system in use today.

Although some states forbid the use of cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges are generally acceptable. One country where this plan works is South Korea. Some governments are firmly moving in the direction of adopting cryptocurrencies. For instance, in August 2021, El Salvador became the very first nation to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender.

In the US, online gambling is regulated under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. As a result, Bitcoin gambling sites and users who place bets using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies still face stringent regulations from the government.

A Deeper Dive into the US Crypto Gambling Market

Is it illegal to gamble with cryptocurrency in the United States of America?  Answering this question is a good place to start.

Unless gambling is completely outlawed in your state, you won’t get in trouble for crypto gaming and gambling. Each state has a set of laws that govern gambling. No state, nevertheless, officially forbids the use of cryptos.

You will be subject to the state’s gambling regulations depending on where you are. Therefore, you can wager with cryptocurrencies or any fiat currency if online betting is legal in your state.

Explaining the UIGEA

The federal statute most likely to keep you from playing online casino games in the US is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

Since it doesn’t exactly directly forbid citizens from gambling, the law is rather complicated. The legislation goes after financial entities like credit card firms and banks. These financial entities are not allowed by law to handle online gambling-related transactions. Online gambling is permitted, nevertheless.

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What Should Online Gamblers Do?

You can use cryptocurrencies to finance your casino activities if your state permits online gambling. Blockchain technology, which is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, is a decentralized system.

All you need to do to start gambling online is purchase cryptocurrency tokens from a crypto exchange platform, download a cryptocurrency wallet, and choose a reliable, fully accredited online casino.

How To Tell Whether You Can Gamble with Crypto

Although most governments are unable to forbid or restrict you from using cryptocurrencies for gambling because they operate on a decentralized network, it is still advisable to check your local regulations and laws before making any investments to avoid breaking any rules and getting yourself into trouble.

Crypto-powered casinos are presumed to be lawful in places where internet gambling is also permitted, even though they are still not heavily regulated in the United States. Furthermore, if you play from a location where online gambling is permitted, you won’t run into any issues because most crypto coins are recognized as valuable assets in the US.

Therefore, be careful to examine your local rules and regulations governing online gambling before selecting your preferred crypto casino. At this moment, we can only presume that if internet gambling is legal in a particular state, then cryptocurrency gaming is also legal. In the future, though, you can expect more states to intervene and make it clear whether or not this practice is lawful or not.

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