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The Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has given players a new way to find an early extraction from a DMZ match through the Heavy Chopper vehicle, which needs plenty of fuel before taking off. Leaving the area of operations (AO) sometimes costs players tons of cash to reserve a private landing zone, but the Heavy Chopper offers a free escape. So while fuel may not be easy to collect, players that stock up on this special item will have an easy way to leave the DMZ.


The Heavy Chopper spawns on the Al Mazrah map, showing up without any fuel fairly close to Hafid Port. Located on the west side of the map, Hafid Port resides a bit far out from the center of Al Mazrah. While it may not host any special items for players, such as Gun Oil in Warzone 2, the Heavy Chopper gives more than enough reason for this section to be crawling with enemies at later stages of a match.

How to Find Heavy Chopper Fuel

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Al Mazrah Airport Location on Map where Players can Find many Items like Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ Mode

Fuel for the Heavy Chopper only shows up in one spot, according to a developer blog post which says players must find the special item “around the airport in order to get it in the sky.”. The Airport should have several canisters of Heavy Chopper fuel lying around the cargo train, which players can store as soon as they find it.

Around one gallon of fuel is needed to get the Heavy Chopper off the ground, encouraging players to get as much fuel as possible.

Unfortunately, Heavy Chopper fuel likely has a limited supply, and the Airport usually becomes a hot spot in DMZ. Furthermore, unlike Hafid Port, the Airport resides far to the southeast of Al Mazrah’s map and has multiple AI-controlled enemies guarding the location. Therefore, players need to be cautious entering this zone and should only travel here if they are fully committed to accessing the Heavy Chopper. Thankfully, players can still pick up Heavy Chopper fuel from downed players if they can’t find any at the Airport.

How To Leave the DMZ With The Heavy Chopper

Warzone 2 Heavy Chopper Pilot Prompt but Vehicle is Out of Fuel Player Perspective Screenshot

Once players have found some cash, finished their missions, or found all Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2‘s DMZ, it’ll be time for their team to leave. Using the Heavy Chopper fuel to power up the vehicle lets players pilot it. Functioning like any other helicopter, players must fly the Heavy Chopper to the out-of-bounds area to extract themselves from the DMZ. Learning where to find Heavy Chopper fuel in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0‘s DMZ allows players to leave quickly, avoiding scrambling for extraction zones at the end of a match.

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