Is 1000-Lb Sisters’ Michael Halterman Really A Villain? Backlash & New Fan Defense Explained



Since the news of Amy and Michael Halterman’s divorce surfaced, Michael has faced criticism and judgment, but some 1000-lb Sisters fans are defending him. Their marriage has been put under the microscope, and much of the blame has been placed upon him for the demise of their relationship. Even though Michael hasn’t been the perfect husband, that doesn’t automatically make him a villain.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 has brought attention to the couple’s marriage, and the issues that they are facing. Now that the couple are parents of two, they have had a difficult time adjusting to all the changes, and they can’t seem to balance it all. The stress has taken a toll on their relationship, leaving Amy feeling all alone. Meanwhile, Michael is at a complete loss.

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1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Michael Halterman Is Misunderstood

Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters smiling

Although Michael has made mistakes, some 1000-lb Sisters fans feel that he isn’t entirely at fault when it comes to the downfall of his marriage. From their wedding day to the birth of their sons, much of their lives together have been in the spotlight, and up until recently, the couple seemed happy and content with the life that they’d built together. It’s a heartbreaking reality for Amy and Michael, and also for their two sons, Gage and Glenn Halterman.

Ever since Michael was seen failing to help Amy with the children at a family picnic on 1000-lb Sisters during season 4, his character and role as a father have been called into question. Reddit user No_Marionberry_287 shared their thoughts on a thread discussing their divorce, writing, “Regardless of what’s been said online about Michael, I feel sorry for them both. They seemed like such a good couple from what we saw on the show. And don’t forget Michael did a lot for both Amy and Tammy whilst working.”

1000-Lb Sisters’ Michael Halterman Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

Before Michael was painted as a bad guy on 1000-Lb Sisters, he was seen as a quiet, hardworking, and loving guy. Amy often bragged about everything Michael did for her and her family, and she was thankful to have him in her life. Whenever she had a pregnancy craving, Michael got her what she needed. When Tammy had mobility issues, and needed help getting places in her wheelchair, Michael was there to assist her.

Now that the couple’s imminent divorce is being highly publicized, a lot of what he did is quickly being forgotten about. His shortcomings are now the focus. Another Reddit user commented in the same thread, saying, “Michael has supported Amy and Tammy for years. I remember Michael struggling while pushing Tammy around in her wheelchair; driving Amy everywhere; supporting Tammy and Amy in all their crazy activities; sitting outside with Amy joking and laughing together, and on and on.” Unfortunately, all the ways Michael has been helpful and attentive are now being overshadowed by his incredible lapse in judgment on 1000-lb Sisters.

Even if Amy and Michael continue to go forward with the divorce, hopefully, they will find a way to make it as smooth as possible for their sons. It is unknown how custody will play out and how the couple will handle their roles as parents separately. Next season of 1000-lb Sisters will most likely change entirely as Amy and Michael go their separate ways.

Source: No_Marionberry_287/Reddit, Amy Halterman/Instagram


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