Janelle Brown Shares Important Lessons While Flaunting 100-lb Weight Loss



Sister Wives have been bombarding Janelle Brown with praise for her fitness journey.

She has transformed her life in more ways than just one.

Janelle rid herself of Kody … and an impressive 100 pounds!

Now, she is opening up to fans about everything that she has learned during this incredible process.

Having freshly lost a lot of weight, Janelle Brown invited followers to benefit from what she has learned on her personal journey. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Taking to her Instagram Story, Janelle Brown showed off her slim new face while imparting some valuable lessons.

“7 things I wish I knew sooner,” she prefaced her list.

“1. It’s ok to be yourself,” Janelle wrote. That may sound obvious … but perhaps not for someone with Janelle’s background.

In list form, Janelle Brown recalled some of the lessons that she has learned. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“2. Be kind and giving,” Janelle counseled, “but protect your personal.”

Her list continued: “3. Have personal boundaries.”

And, relatedly, Janelle suggested that her fans and followers adhere to another piece of wisdom: “4. Don’t apologize for your boundaries.”

Looking great! Janelle Brown has a very cute smirk on her face in this photo of the Sister Wives star.

“5. It’s okay to not fit in at the time. Eventually, you find your tribe,” Janelle wrote.

“6. You get from life what you think you deserve,” she imparted. “This is gospel.”

And the last item was another tie-in: “7. It can be hard to realize #6 above.”

Janelle Brown is no longer tied to Kody Brown. We’re so very proud of the former sister wife!

One can absolutely understand why Janelle needed these affirmations.

She just spent decades of her life married to Kody Brown.

Now, Janelle might not have felt like the “basement wife” like Christine or faced rejection as obvious and long-term as Meri’s, but … she didn’t fare much better, either.

Janelle Brown is featured in this scene from a Season 17 episode of Sister Wives.

There was simply no path to happiness — no way forward — when Janelle was with Kody. Not for her, not for Christine, not for Meri. Not for Janelle’s kids, either.

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(Robyn was and remains a very different story)

Janelle may have struggled with things like emotional independence and a sense of self-worth. Fast forward to all of this time after she split with Kody, and look at her now!

Way to go, Janelle Brown! The Sister Wives star is getting her work out on here.

In addition to ridding herself of Kody, Janelle also dropped an astonishing amount of weight.

It is not uncommon for people’s lifestyles to shift dramatically — for better or for worse — after a divorce or a major breakup.

For Janelle, it was an opportunity to embark upon a fitness journey. And it was also a chance for her to learn some valuable lessons about her value as a person.

Janelle Brown did not limit her fitness journey to stretches. She built up her core and improved her strength, lifting weights and more.

Obviously, Janelle’s body — and the changes to it — are both morally neutral and entirely her business.

But we are happy with any alterations that she has made, so long as they make her happy.

Janelle deserves to find happiness in her own way.


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