Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Net Worth: How Do They Make Their Money??



Earlier this month, Little People, Big World fans called out Audrey Roloff for flaunting her wealth online.

These past several years have been eye-opening for many Americans. With rampant price gauging, there’s just less interest in watching reality TV alums showcase their lifestyles.

But there’s some interest, and people certainly have questions.

Just how much money do Audrey and Jeremy have? What is their net worth?

We grabbed this screen shot from a video of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff promoting some of their products on Instagram.

Online estimates do not seem to have a fix on Audrey Roloff’s exact net worth.

Meanwhile, the best guess on the interwebs is that Jeremy is worth about $700,000. Odds are that Audrey is pretty close to that, considering how much of that is likely tied up in marital property.

As always, we should remember that net worth estimates are only estimates, and it usually takes a profile by Forbes or the like to pin those numbers down. We’ve all heard actors and other public figures burst out laughing at inaccurate estimates.

Audrey Roloff kisses her husband in this still image of the former Little People, Big World stars.

Earlier this month, Audrey opened up about her primary sources of income.

During a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, Auj noted that she mostly makes money through “our books and journals.”

Additionally, Audrey divulged that she and Jeremy also make money through the “brand partnerships that we do.” That means the various sponsors whose products she plugs — Young Living, Truist, Mr. Clean, and more.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff took Ember and Bode to Disneyland in 2023, though some of Auj’s fans disapproved for the worst imaginable reasons. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Audrey and Jeremy married in 2014. Yet they wasted no time in writing multiple books to tout marriage advice for “lasting love.”

They will celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary in a year and a half.

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Many have criticized the two for (among other things) acting like experts in marital success before proving it. But apparently, there are people who have bought their books.

Audrey and Jeremy have gone ahead and done it! They are looking out here over their new land.

And people have clearly bought some of their “marriage journals,” which they sell on their website.

However, Audrey shared that she hopes to have a new revenue stream in the near future.

Over a year ago, in January 2022, Auj and Jer purchased a cabin in Bend, Oregon. They soon began renovating it.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff say they went on 52 dates in 52 weeks over the course of 2022. That’s very impressive if true!

Their hope, of course, is that people will rent the cabin often enough for it to turn a profit.

“We’re really, really close on renting that, so [I’m] excited for that to be a new stream of income,” Auj expressed.

One assumes that the plan is for this to be a vacation rental, rather than a scheme to exploit the housing crisis by renting a free-standing house as a long-term residence.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff took a trip to Disney in the late winter of 2023… without son Radley!

Additionally, Audrey expressed a hope that their Behind The Scenes podcast will one day turn an actual profit.

She explained: “because what we’ve made on it has broken even on costs to produce it.”

Audrey then added: “We’re hopeful for maybe some new ways to make money on the podcast.”

Audrey Roloff looks a little stressed out in this photo of herself and her spouse, doesn’t she?

In case anyone was wondering, no, Jeremy does not “get money in royalties.” He confirmed as much during his own Q&A this month.

“Negative, but that would be so awesome to get royalties,” Jeremy noted wistfully about Little People, Big World.

Running for so many seasons, the show has certainly earned a lot of money for TLC and for Jer’s parents. This is a great reminder that we need laws and other regulations in place for reality TV, its stars, and in some cases, its victims.

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