Kailyn Lowry: Back Together With Elijah Scott Amid Ongoing Secret Baby Rumors?



If you’re a Teen Mom fan then this probably isn’t the first time you’ve come across what might be the weirdest conspiracy in the history of the franchise.

And the craziest thing about it is that it might be true!

In case you’re not familiar, the story goes like this:

In November of last year, Kailyn Lowry allegedly welcomed her fifth child.

Kailyn Lowry hosts several popular podcasts. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, “allegedly” is not a word that one usually hears in the context of a birth announcement — but this is a special case.

You see, at no point did Kail announce that she had given birth.

In fact, Lowry never even announced that she was pregnant.

Fans think Kailyn Lowry Instagram Story contained evidence of her pregnancy. (Photo via Instagram)

Fans arrived at that conclusion on their own, and — well, Lowry never convincingly denied the rumors.

In fact, there were times when she seemed to be enjoying the speculation.

So why not just come out and say one way or the other if she’s now a mother of five?

Kail Lowry with boyfriend Elijah Scott. (Photo via Instagram)

No one knows the answer to that question, but most of the theories have to do with Elijah Scott.

Elijah, as you might know, is Kail’s neighbor-turned-boyfriend.

It was rumored that Kailyn and Elijah broke up late last year, but now it looks as though they’ve found their way back to one another.

Is Kailyn Lowry really engaged to Elijah Scott? That’s what fans think based on her latest Instagram posts! (Photo via Instagram)

On March 7, UK tabloid The Sun ran a piece mentioning that Kail and Elijah had broken up.

Lowry must’ve been bothered by the report, as she had her rep issue a statement clarifying the matter.

“This is false,” the statement read. “Kail and Elijah are very much still together.”

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Fans think Kailyn Lowry had given birth to her fifth child. (Photo via Instagram)

We don’t know if there’s any truth to the rumors that Kailyn and Elijah are engaged, but it seems they’re serious enough that Lowry wants the world to know they’re an item.

Anyway, fans believe that Elijah is Kail’s primary reason for keeping her fifth child a secret.

The specifics vary from one theory to the next, as some believe that Kail just wants to keep her relationship out of the spotlight, while others suspect she wants to avoid any criticism that might come with having four baby daddies.

Kailyn Lowry has FOUR kids. She’s posing with them all in this sweet family photo. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s unfortunate that such a stigma exists, but sadly, that’s the world we live in, and Kail certainly knows how cruel people can be on the internet.

Anyway, if she does have a fifth kid running around the house, we hope it’s a very happy time for the entire family.

And if she doesn’t — well, hopefully she’s not too bothered by the rumors, because they’re gonna keep coming!


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