Here’s what the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will look like, in renderings



Curious to know what the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will look like when November comes around? There’s a short answer to that question out today, as F1 just released renderings of some track and fan areas.

In total, F1 put out three different renderings of specific areas. They include the Koval Hospitality, Paddock Zone (that also shows the East Harmon Zone) and the MSG Sphere Zone. Minus the Paddock Zone, all of these fan areas are available for ticket purchases still, with sales beginning March 20 for folks who donate to the Las Vegas Grand Prix Foundation.

The East Harmon Zone, shown in the first photo at the top, is opposite the Paddock Zone on the front stretch. You’d be one of the many people in the grandstands there, and the three-day ticket would run you $2,500. In no surprise, the renderings show light playing a big role in sprucing up the racetrack with dramatic skylights in the distance. That’s right in Las Vegas’ wheelhouse, and the theme continues at the MSG Sphere Zone.

F1 Las Vegas GP

You can identify the MSG Sphere Zone (above) by the giant blue light-up ball in the ground. Several corners wind through here, so this is a space you’d want to target if you want to see cars going left and right as opposed to screaming down one of the straightaways. Both grandstand tickets ($2,000) and general admission tickets ($500) are available in the MSG Sphere Zone, but note that the general admission tickets are standing room only.

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F1 Las Vegas GP

The last rendering shown by F1 today is of the Koval Hospitality area (above). Once again, this zone is along a straight. F1 is promising live entertainment, extravagant cocktails, great track views and plenty of “activations” for folks in this section. Being in the Koval Hospitality area for the three-day event will be an eye-watering $8,000. But hey, it’s cheaper than the sold-out Paddock Zone and a $2,000 savings over the still-available Skybox section on the main straight.

The Las Vegas GP will be held on November 18 this year, and while we hope to see a championship fight last that long, Red Bull’s and Max Verstappen’s pace in the opening weekend is already suggesting that it could be over by then.

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