Love Is Blind Season 4 Finale: Who Got Married? Who Got Dumped at the Altar?



Well, another season of Love Is Blind has come to a close, and once again, the grand Netflix experiment in modern dating resulted in multiple couples saying “I do.”

Of course, there was also a good deal of heartbreak along the way, and quite a few cast members probably wish they’d never entered those pods in the first place.

So who wound up exchanging vows, and who was forced to return to the Seattle singles scene?

Here’s your complete rundown of all that drama that unfolded on Love Is Blind Season 4:

Another season of Love Is Blind is in the books! (Photo via Netflix)

Jackie and Marshall: Sadly, this one probably won’t surprise you.

Jackie and Marshall appeared to have a strong connection at first, and his pancake-making abilities really seemed to blow her mind.

Alas, Jackie also hit it off with Josh Demas, and she skipped her wedding dress fitting to take another shot at the one who got away.

Marshall and Jackie were not a love match. (Photo via Netflix)

“I don’t wanna be with you anymore,” she told Marshall. “I just can’t be with you.”

“That is very hurtful,” Marshall responded,

“I chose wrong. I wish her nothing but the best. If that’s with Josh, do your thing. Good luck,” he later added.

Jackie’s not very popular with viewers these days, but we still think Irina was the season’s biggest villain.

Irina was this season’s resident villain. (Photo via Netflix)

Anyway, let’s cleanse out palette with a classic LiB success story!

Chelsea and Kwame had their share of ups and downs, but in the end, they decided to take the plunge together!

“I love you and I am ready for the most beautiful adventure of life with you as your wife forever,” Chelsea said at their wedding.

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“I love the way you make me feel. I love when we disagree because it makes us come back together and let us know how strong we are. We get stronger by the moment, we get closer by the day,” Kwame replied.

We love to see it!

Paul and Micah were not meant to be. (Photo via Netflix)

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out quite as well for Micah and Paul!

Ever the scientist, hyper-analytical Paul was unable to let his emotions take the wheel, and in a final insult to Micah, Paul polled his groomsmen on whether or not he should get hitched.

He was the one who rejected Micah at the altar, but only because she allowed him to speak first.

By that point, these two both seemed like they weren’t really feeling each other. At all.

Tiffany and Brett are married! (Photo via Netflix)

Conversely, Tiffany and Brett were the closest thing this season had to a sure thing, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, they tied the knot in the finale!

“I felt love in your voice, I felt love in the way you talked to me, I felt love in the way that you made me feel. In general, I just felt love,” Brett told Tiff at the altar.

Folks, it’s moments like this that make this show work!

Zack found bliss with Bliss! (Photo via Netflix)

And that brings us to the biggest question mark of the season, Zack and Bliss.

Their road to the altar might have been a rocky one — what with Zack first proposing to master manipulator Irina — but in the end, these underdogs made it work.

So yes … Zack found his Bliss.

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It was a pretty successful season overall — but we’ll check in with these couples in a year to see who’s still married!


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