Mahogany Roca Reveals Harrowing Overdose: I’m Thankful to Be Alive!



Last year, months after her 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days debut, there were hints that Mahogany Roca will return to the series.

All signs indicated that she was still dating Ben Rathbun despite everything that happened on their season.

Now, Mahogany is opening up about something terrifying that happened to her earlier this year.

She suffered an overdose. And she is so, so thankful to be alive.

In April of 2023, Mahogany Roca shared this photo with her followers. Though many of her pics elicit comments about her use of filters, her grim caption drew people’s attention. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Early this week, Mahogany Roca penned an alarming caption on Instagram.

“My story time,” she began. “I became someone different since the show ended.”

Mahogany wrote: “Open my demons and get on my way in his dreams.”

Promising that he won’t try to enter the car with her, Ben squats outside of the car and tries to talk to her against her will.

“I found mine,” Mahogany then revealed. “Almost 1 month ago I suffered an overdose that almost killed me.”

She explained: “I started taking some pills to rest until work, love, more friendships completely stole my time.”

“And,” Mahogany continued, “I accidentally thought I would sleep happily!”

Mahogany Roca face after Ben asks to meet her parents tonight

“I don’t remember much of the story,” Mahogany then admitted.

“But when I was unconscious,” she recalled, “I wanted to be able to live and I couldn’t!”

Mahogany remembered: “Listen to Ben’s voice, who was on the phone screaming! Mahogany! Wake up! Are you breathing?”

This photo revealed that Mahogany Roca and Ben Rathbun seemingly continued to date after their first season together. Oh no.

“And I woke up! Long journey that was coming to me!” Mahogany declared.

“I’m a healthy person, but I didn’t think the pills would give me a bad move,” she expressed.

“Anyway, someone in the sense that when almost lost his life, now is grateful to that?” Mahogany wrote. “Why not thank that this Easter.”

In a lengthy caption, Mahogany Roca detailed a harrowing overdose that she thankfully survived. (Image Credit: Instagram)

English is not Mahogany’s first language.

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It sounds like she began taking some sort of medication to sleep. Clearly, this must have been something considerably stronger than melatonin gummies. Perhaps a prescription sleep aid.

While it may have worked to help her to sleep more easily and without nightmares, there may have been a dosing issue that caused her to have a medical emergency.

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca visit sand dunes

And, apparently, Ben was “there” — over video chat — to witness the whole thing.

Whatever 90 Day Fiance fans may think of him, that must have been scary for him, too.

We are so, so grateful that Mahogany is alive and well.

Ben Rathbun confronts Mahogany Roca over past deceptions

Early in their season, fans expressed deep suspicions about Mahogany. Her infamous filters seemed fake. It looked like Ben, a cult-survivor, had fallen victim to an obvious catfish.

After the two met up, Ben began to come across as deeply creepy. It wasn’t just the age gap or the religious framing of their romance (though these didn’t help), but his actual behavior. He seemed to walk past boundaries that Mahogany set. He also embarrassed her.

All of that matters much less than Mahogany’s health and safety. We hope that she has made a full recovery.


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