Man pleads guilty in $35K elder scam



A Manhattan man has pleaded guilty for his role in stealing $35,000 from two Suffolk residents in a “jail bail” scheme, officials said Wednesday.

Ivan Inoasuero pleaded guilty yesterday to third-degree grand larceny. In this scheme, grandparents were told false information by phone about their grandchildren being arrested in outside jurisdictions and needing large sums of money immediately to post bail, officials said.

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney said in a statement that he is “shocked and dismayed to see the degree in which fraudsters are targeting our elderly residents to steal money. If you target the elderly in Suffolk County and fraudulently steal their money, you will be held responsible and required to pay back the money you stole.”

The investigation revealed that Inoasuero posed as a bail bondsman and went to the Suffolk home of the first victim in April 2021 to pick up $15,000 from a woman who believed she was posting bail for her grandson.

Then in December 2021 Inosuero posed again as a bail bondsman, meeting the second victim at Long Island MacArthur Airport to pick up $20,000 from a man believed he was posting bail for his grandson.

Inoasuero is due back in court on April 26 for sentencing. He will be required to pay restitution back to the victims, officials said, and if he does not, faces up to two-and-a half to seven years in prison.


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