New Wednesday Reveals Explains Why You Love Jenna Ortega So Much



Jenna Ortega’s most recent confession about her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s original series, Wednesday, shows why fans love her so fiercely.

The latest Wednesday reveal encapsulates why fans love Jenna Ortega so much. Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams in this smash-hit Netflix original series, and her role has become iconic in popular culture. Wednesday has broken numerous streaming records for Netflix, in large part because of Ortega’s outstanding performance as Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday immediately became a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring countless homages to the sardonic protagonist, Wednesday. Chief among them is the viral Wednesday dance, which has become a sensation across all forms of social media. One reason Wednesday has garnered so much support is because of how it appeals to different age groups and demographics, primarily because of the immersive feel the cast manages to create. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Wednesday has had an unexpected real-life consequence for Jenna Ortega: her wardrobe has begun to turn black.


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Jenna Ortega’s Wardrobe Change Shows How She Fully Embraced Playing Wednesday

gomez addams dance in wednesday season 2

Ortega revealed that while filming Wednesday, she suddenly found herself wearing all black and that her closet “just lost all its color.” Ortega’s apparent closet transformation indicates how fully she embraced her role as Wednesday Addams. The immersive feel created by Wednesday is clearly a result of the actor’s commitment to their roles, beginning with Jenna Ortega. Ortega seems to fit the role of Wednesday Addams perfectly, with ease even, but this revelation proves that her success results from hard work and commitment to the role.

Ortega has previously revealed how much she enjoyed filming Wednesday, but it was never evident just how deeply she absorbed the role. The level of commitment it takes for such a thing to bleed into her personal life is extraordinary, especially considering the overwhelming Wednesday filming schedule. Ortega’s already massive popularity is likely to go up even further as fans learn how sincere her passion for the show is.

Why Jenna Ortega Was So Great As Wednesday Addams

wednesday on netflix renewed for season 2

Ortega’s commitment is absolutely why she was so great as Wednesday Addams. She is undoubtedly a talented actor, and her role is very well constructed, but she could not have had the impact that she has without the passionate commitment she has demonstrated. Ortega clearly loves the role, and her ability to put all of herself into it is why she was so exceptional as Wednesday Addams.

It is difficult to imagine someone besides Jenna Ortega playing Wednesday Addams after watching Wednesday season 1. Another actor could have given a great performance as Wednesday, but unless they could replicate Ortega’s passion, it is unlikely the show would have been as successful as it has been. Even if Netflix had decided to bring in Aubrey Plaza for Wednesday, it’s unlikely the show would have been as good.

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