Next electric Mini Cooper due out in 2024 with a lot more range



The next-generation Mini Hardtop is expected to make its global debut in the not-too-distant future. The hatchback will be offered with gasoline- and battery-powered drivetrains, and a new report provides preliminary specifications about the electric model.

One of the more significant changes will appear in advertisements and other promotional material: while the hatchback is officially known as the Hardtop in the United States and the Hatch in England, its successor will adopt the Cooper nameplate. We’ll need to be patient to see how the Mini has evolved from a visual perspective but company boss Stephanie Wurst told British magazine Autocar that designers have taken it “back to its roots.” It’s not expected to grow in length but it will be wider than its predecessor and it will ride on a longer wheelbase.

Made in China via a joint-venture with Great Wall Motors, the electric, two-door-only Cooper will be available with either a 40- or a 54-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Those figures correspond to the global-market model; details about the American-market car haven’t been released. Range will check in at 240 miles for the smaller pack, according to Autocar, and the standard model will put 181 horsepower under the driver’s right foot. Buyers who need more will be asked to step up to the Cooper SE, which will be rated at 215 horsepower. 

In comparison, the current Cooper SE has 181 horsepower, about 110 miles of driving range, and a 32.6-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

Made in England, the gasoline-powered Cooper hasn’t been detailed yet. Autocar learned that there’s a good chance the model will only be offered with an automatic transmission, so get a stick now while you still can. Front-wheel-drive will continue to come standard.

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We’ll hear more about the next Cooper in the coming months, but it’s not the next new model that we’ll see from Mini. The third-generation Countryman previewed earlier in 2023 is tentatively scheduled to enter production in Germany in late 2023; it will be available with gasoline- and battery-powered drivetrains as well. The electric Cooper will reportedly arrive in May 2024, about two months before its gasoline-burning counterpart, so it will go on sale here in time for the 2025 model year. When it lands, it will compete in the same segment as the Fiat 500e.

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