Oracle EBS Test Automation: Streamlining the Testing Process


EBS (Oracle E-Business Suite) is a set of applications developed by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most used across the globe for many critical businesses as it automates various businesses like supply chain, financials, budgeting, etc. Ensuring the EBS system is working properly becomes crucial for the enterprise looking for implementing the Oracle EBS Test Automation.

EBS is widely used across a range of industries and is known for its robustness and scalability. It also required testing regularly for functioning properly and meeting the requirements of the end users. Manual testing is an option, but it may be time-consuming and overwhelming, and prone to human error. Oracle EBS test automation comes into the picture to replace manual testing and help your business for proper functioning.

What Is Oracle EBS?

EBS is an integrated set of applications developed by the Oracle Corporation to automate ERP, CRM, and SCM in organizations. In 2001, the applications of ERP and CRM were used for the first time, and it is one of the most used applications over the years. The EBS was designed to help global business as it helps in decision-making, lower cost, and increases performance.

What is Oracle EBS Test Automation?

Oracle EBS test automation is the process of using automated tools and scripts to test the functionality of EBS applications. Automated tests simulate user interactions with the application, verifying the results to ensure that the application is working as expected. Test automation aims to improve the quality of the EBS application, catch and fix bugs early in the development cycle, and increase efficiency by reducing the amount of manual testing required.

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To offer innovations and technology, automation focused on application functionality, scalability, usability, and a dedication to lowering the total cost. Oracle has implemented a continuous innovation approach.

Benefits of Oracle EBS Test Automation

Bringing automation using Oracle EBS test automation tool to your organization will help to stay ahead in the game and deal with the challenges with ease. It will provide the ability to test the entire end-to-end business process and also address the issue of under-testing and over-testing. Since it helps you to switch to automation from manual, it reduces the time, cost, and effort. EBS automation does not expose your business to unnecessary risk as it performs risk-based testing.

Humans are prone to mistakes, but automation tools are not because it is precise, repeatable, and reduces the risk of human error in the testing process. Test automation will ensure that your application’s functionality is working properly and meets the end user’s expectations. Using test automation will improve the quality of your application.

The second benefit of automation is that it tests faster and doesn’t take time as manual testing does. Since it tests quickly in less time and reduces the time required in testing, it allows the developers’ team to do other much more important things.

However, The third benefit is that it increases efficiency as tools can work parallel, and it works continuously in the background. Multiple tests can take place at once which will increase efficiency and speed. You can identify the bug and fix it very quickly with the help of Oracle EBS test automation.

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Another benefit of automation is that traceability as tools can track and store the data, and it will give you the history of testing. It will help to understand the key areas that need improvement.

Tools Used for Oracle EBS Test Automation

There are multiple tools available for test automation, but remember a few things while considering a tool for automation. First, check the capabilities of the tool and see if it fits your organization or not as some tools are code base while some are non-code-base.

  • Selenium

A code-based automation tool that is free and highly popular for various reasons. It consists of several tools that allow organizations to perform parallel tests. Since it is a code-based tool, coding becomes necessary to set up and maintain the test.

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

It is Oracle’s tools that are helping people to automate their testing. EBS and OATS are Oracle’s products, and they become compatible with each other. It also comes built-in with oracle applications and eases the setup and design process. It has a few limitations like it will allow you to automate the oracle and web-based products.

  • HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed the QTP tool and offers various ranges of testing. Including EBS, it is use in a wide range of applications for testing.

  • Leapwork

It is a no-code automation tool that fulfills the Oracle EBS test automation need and also has a few additional features. It is becoming popular due to the no-code functionality.

  • Opkey

However, Opkey is the industry’s leading Oracle EBS test automation platform that doesn’t require programming skills to test and automate. One of the biggest advantages associated with Opkey is its prebuilt test accelerators, AI-powered impact analysis, self-healing, and end-to-end coverage.

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However, EBS is a set of applications that were develope to solve global business problems. It automates businesses like supply chain, financials, budgeting, etc. The proper functioning of EBS becomes necessary to meet the needs of the end user.

Oracle EBS test automation comes into the picture and helps to ensure quality by catching and fixing the bug in the early development cycle.

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