Pedro Pascal Tries Explaining What It Means to Be The Internet’s Daddy



With The Mandalorian and The Last of Us increasing his fanbase, Pedro Pascal confronts his status as the internet’s daddy and tries to explain it.

Pedro Pascal attempts to explain his status as the internet’s daddy. Memes and thirst tweets granting Pascal that title have been circulating since the actor began his roles on both Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian. The interest has only been heightened recently due to Pascal’s presence on two ongoing shows. In addition to The Mandalorian season 3, the actor leads HBO’s hit video game adaptation The Last of Us, where he also plays a father.


Speaking on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, Pascal ventures to define what it means to be the internet’s daddy.

When questioned about the phrase, Pascal admits that he is “still trying to figure it out.” Norton goes on to recite an elaborate fan comment about Pascal highlighting how certain people on the internet have begun referring to him. Check out the bulk of Norton and Pascal’s interaction below:

Graham Norton: What are you, are you the daddy of the internet? What’s internet daddy?

Pedro Pascal: Me! Uh, internet daddy. I’m still trying to figure it out. I feel like it changes, there’s daddy, there’s zaddy. Zaddy, with a Z. I’ll take it all.

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Why Pedro Pascal is Still the Internet’s Daddy

Pedro Pascal In The Last Of Us holding his hands up in a warding off gesture while a bright light shines in his face in an otherwise dark place

Pascal is characteristically gracious and hilarious in his Graham Norton Show reactions. Over the years, Pascal has been asked to respond to numerous thirst tweets, and he generally maintains good humor about them. Since The Last of Us began its run, the potency of Pascal’s fanbase has only grown stronger.

Beyond fans’ general attraction to Pascal, the actor’s daddy status stems from the types of roles Pascal has played in recent years. In both The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, Pascal plays a father or father figure. For the former, the actor plays the titular Mandalorian, who becomes the protector and caretaker of young Grogu. In the latter series, Pascal’s Joel is a grieving dad when it comes to his daughter Sarah and also becomes a pseudo-parent for the orphaned Ellie.

As this recent interview indicates, it looks like Pascal will still be the internet’s daddy for a while longer, even if some are beginning to speak out against the label. With The Mandalorian just beginning its new season on Disney+, the memes are likely to ramp up even more than they have with The Last of Us. It is an exciting time for Pascal‘s career, and one that will bring plenty of content for his eager fanbase.

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