Percy Jackson Early Director’s Cuts Heaps Emotional Response From Author’s Wife



Becky Riordan, wife of Percy Jackson & The Olympians author Rick Riordan, has had the chance to see the early director’s cuts of the upcoming Disney+ show. The show promises to follow Percy Jackson and his friends through their first quest: Retrieving Zeus’ lightning bolt. With enemies on every corner, the half-bloods will need to face countless monsters, hunters, and even allies as they fight to save the world.

The Riordans have had the chance to watch two new director’s cuts recently, as Becky Riordan revealed on her Twitter. Check out her tweet below:

She insists that, while the cuts are still far from being ready, the episodes have been enough to bring herself and other viewers to tears. It’s a great sign for the show, especially after everything went wrong with Percy Jackson‘s movies.

Why The Riordans Wanted A New Percy Jackson Show

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After the Percy Jackson books were originally adapted into two separate films, the franchise was eventually shuttered. It was not a surprise, as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was a box office disappointment, earning only $199.9 million. That was less than its predecessor, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which brought in $226.4 million. After the sequel underperformed, it wasn’t a difficult decision to bring the movies to an end.

Rick Riordan has explained before that the movies damaged his family and even caused his own children to lose interest in future adaptations. They were devastated by the inaccuracies and the failure to produce box office results. With a rushed story, unnecessary cuts, and character changes, they just don’t work as adaptations. It led to a crushing defeat that could have ended any hope of a future adaptation.

Yet the Riordans agreed to produce a show for Disney+. The Percy Jackson & the Olympians show promises to be more faithful to the books, which has certainly been a selling point to the couple. It offers a younger cast, a longer run-time, and more adherence to the themes and adventures of the Percy Jackson books. Should it succeed, Percy Jackson & the Olympians can bring life back to the franchise, and it looks like the Riordans think it will.

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