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I feel pretty confident that over half of everyone reading this post has been victim to the “boob light” at some point in their life. You know the one…outdated metal trim, fluted or frosted glass, and of course the nipple (or more appropriately known as a finial). And look if you love them that’s great. But I’ve primarily seen them in rentals because they are generally super affordable, thus ideal to buy in bulk. This one is only $16 which I can understand is hard to pass up as a landlord. But if you are a renter or a homeowner that needs a flush mount style light PLEASE know they are other options for you! Aside from my short stint aboard, I have never not replaced the lighting in my rentals. It not only instantly modernizes a space but also makes it feel more personalized. Exhibit A – Caitlin’s Hallway:

I know we’ve said that 100x over so I’ll stop, but as proven above the results are UNDENIBALE. Now, replacing a builder-grade boob light isn’t the only reason someone might need a flush mount (or semi-flush mount) light. You might live in a building with low ceilings. Someone in your household could be extremely tall so chandeliers end up being a total nuisance (something I myself will never have to endure:)). Maybe you just like them! Whatever your reason may be, I tried my best to show you really solid (and pretty) options with a large range of price points (two are under $35!). Time to shop…

Under $125

design by emily edith bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s beautiful hardworking, multipurpose room reveal (+ get ready for her diys)

Understandably there’s a lot of debate about whether one should invest in a rental or not. I’m probably not the best example for the latter but affordable lighting is your friend. Of course, tighter budgets are not exclusive to renters. I mean owning a house and having a mortgage costs a lot of money so finding more affordable lighting options is equally as valuable. Here are some of my favorite options:

1. White Metal Dome Adjustable Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light: I love the organic modern feel of this one! It’s technically a semi-flush mount but perfect for a directional light look.
2. Eshe Rattan Semi Flush Mount: A great fixture to add some visual texture and soften a room.
3. Tapered Flush Mount Ceiling Light: This light is the ideal balance of modern and traditional. Plus that shade is going to give off a lovely glow.
4. REGNSKU: I am obsessed with the vintage versions of these! But for $28 how can you beat this one?
5. Semi Flushmount Ceiling Light: Another modern traditional light but with a bit more drama with that black shade:)
6. Scalloped Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light: Mallory bought this for her entry and loved the look of it (it’s pretty freaking cute). She did mention that it doesn’t give off a ton of light so this is better for a space that doesn’t need to be super well-lit. It’s more of a mood:)
7. Rattan Pendant: So cute! The scalloped bottom is such a nice detail.
8. Fabric Shade Drum Flushmount: Simple, elegant, and works with a ton of styles.
9. Drum Jute Flush Mount Light: I love the tone of this drum shade because it feels a little more unique than the standard white. Plus it’s on clearance for such a great price!

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$125 To $200

design by kirsten blazek | photo by alex zarour of virtually here studios | from: tour creative director and founder of a1000xbetter kirsten blazek’s soulful, vintage filled home

As most things in life go, if you have a bit of a bigger budget you have some more options stylistically. Also, I tried to have most of these options sizable enough for a bedroom or kitchen but remember to look at the diameters:)

1. Natural Jute Woven Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light: Natural, geometric, and pretty. What’s not to love?
2. Allegra Large Linen Flush Mount Light: I LOVE ceramic light fixtures and this one looks so beautiful with tons of texture.
3. Semi Flush Hand Carved Light Fixture: Perfectly vintage-inspired and I have looked around my home a couple of times to see where it could work.
4. Stevie Flush Mount: A great California Casual organic look.
5. Copa Tiered Natural Rattan Flush Mount Light: Naural with a hint of glam. So fun!
6. Rattan Semi Flush Mount: I love how neutral and subtle it looks at first but as you get closer you can see all that beautiful texture.
7. Nodes Flushmount: Very similar if not identical to the one in the photo above which proves it’s a perfect splash of understated modern glam.
8. Small Jake Flush: This one is on the smaller side but is so simple and elegant.
9. Liz Rattan Flush Mount: For me personally, if I were to get a rattan flush mount this would be a top contender. The style is right up my alley!

$200 To $500

As we up the price, here are three different types of rooms that each have a beautiful flush (and semi-flush) mount light. They truly are great in every room:)

1. Moxie Semi Flush: Another vintage-inspired light that I would happily have in my home. I think it would add an insane amount of style to whatever room it was in.
2. Tisse Oversized Woven Rattan Flush Mount Light: In the competition of my favorite rattan flush mount this might be number one. It’s from Athena Calderone’s Crate & Barrel collection so I shouldn’t be surprised.
3. Carneros Milk Glass Flush Mount: Industrial yet a little traditional (could easily work with a modern farmhouse style). I think this is such a cool light.
4. Cruz Flushmount: Now we’re getting a little more midcentury with that sleek, elegant cone shade. But I really love how the blub drops down from the center! Such a nice little touch.
5. Sago Rounded Rattan Flush Mount Light: This is the last rattan fixture that really has a hold on my heart. You don’t typically see rattan that shade of brown and it’s so chic.
6. Ariel Fluted Marble Flush Mount Light: What’s not to love?! And given it’s 12″ in diameter it’s a perfect and versatile light for a small space.
7. Rainier Brass Conical Flush Mount Light: The simplicity of the metal and the tone of the brass is so pretty!
8. Zara Semi Flush: A wonderful nod to a very Parisian vibe. Simple yet very lux looking:)
9. Nodes Semi-Flushmount: I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. A bit modern brutalist feel and I love it.
10. Tiered Drum Semi-Flush Mount Fixture: This is a newer light from Rejuvenation and it’s beautiful! Classic, simple, and from the looks of it gives off a beautiful warm light.
11. Wally Flush Mount Light: A great trend-forward option!
12. Conical 16″ Drum Semi-Flush Mount: A very classic and simple piece that still feels very textured.

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$500 To $900

There are definitely guidelines for flush mount sizing based on room size. The general rule is to add the width and length of a room together by feet and then convert those feet into inches, giving you your “ideal diameter size.” For example, a bedroom is 12′ x 12′ which equals 24 feet. That would then mean my ceiling light should be around 24 inches.

But of course, you don’t have to follow those rules! As you can see in Birdie’s old nursery on the left, that beautiful flush mount would likely be considered “too small” for that room but it looks beautiful. Then on the right, Megan Hopp used that same fixture where a recessed light might have gone. Actually, there are at least two of them in the room (you can’t see the other in this photo). Now, for a recessed light replacement, this fixture might be thought of as too big but look how awesome it looks! So take a look at the rules and then if you want, throw them out:)

1. Breton Flushmount: A classic style with the prettiest patina.
2. Astor 12″ Flush Mount: The perforated detail gives it a cool, interesting look.
3. Blair 10″ Flush Mount: I just love the shape and it comes in a bunch of other metals.
4. Turio Oversized Black Flush Mount Light: This is perfect if you want the vibe of a chandelier but don’t have a lot of ceiling height.
5. Capiz Flushmount: Love the honeycomb detail and would really draw your eye up.
6. Auden Blackened Brass Flush Mount Light: This one is right up my alley. I love a chic saucer light.
7. 6 Light Perforated Elegant Ceiling Flushmount: Another vintage-inspired piece that I adore. It also comes in a ton of other metal options.
8. Champignon 5-Light Flushmount: This is a great piece if you want a large light and a little whimsy:)
9. Ankeny 16″ Alabaster Flush Mount: This one is super chic and feels very Architectural Digest which you know I love.
10. Renato Flush: This says “sophisticated glam” in the best way.
11. Clark Flush Mount: As you can see from the photos above this is a real showstopper and is so pretty in person.
12. Lamina Polished Brass Flush Mount Light: Vintage-inspired, of course, and a really incredible piece to make a visual (but not overwhelming) impact.

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Over $1000

design by asom home | styled by velinda hellenemily edith bowser, and julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: tour this eclectic midcentury modern house designed by asom home + 10 approachable design tricks anyone can do

You know I had to include some dream pieces:) But also we all have different budgets and these beauties might be just what you’re looking for. Let’s jump right in…

1. Rotonde X: Roman and Williams Guild sells only a few light fixtures but they are all so special. This one also comes in two sizes.
2. Ray 17″: Emily just got this one for an exciting project she’s been working on! It looks incredible and we can’t wait to show you.
3. Sarah Ceiling Fixture: When I saw this new Lostine line I nearly fell off my chair. I love these leather and brass pieces so much. The table lamps are also to die for.
4. 24″ Ormandy Semi-Flush Mount: You know Rejuvenation was going to be on here at least a few times because their style and quality are so good. And this one is so beautiful! The suspended semi-flush mount is such a great detail.
5. Flush Dome 20″: We’ve all been Allied Maker fans for years and Em got to work with the for the mountain house! This oversized piece is incredible and I love everything about it.
6. Uno Shade Flush Mount: I just think this one is awesome and there are so many ways to personalize it!!

If you were searching for a flush mount I hope you found one or at least this helped you to narrow down your search:)

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Asom Home | Styled by Velinda HellenEmily Edith Bowser, and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Tour This Eclectic Midcentury Modern House Designed by ASOM Home + 10 Approachable Design Tricks Anyone Can Do


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