Tammy Slaton: My Family Ditched Me and Betrayed Me!



As previously detailed and previously celebrated, Tammy Slaton is a free woman.

She left a Ohio rehab center in February after several months of receiving professional assistance.

Considering she lost hundreds of pounds while a patient there and met the man she ended up marrying there… it’s safe to say the lengthy stint was a success.

But it also appears to have taken a toll on Slaton’s relationship with her relatives.

Wow! Tammy Slaton has lost hundreds of pounds and looks amazing.

According to the 1,000-lb Sisters star, she was scheduled to leave the aforementioned facility weeks before she actually did so.

However, she developed an infection in her tracheotomy site at the time and needed IV-administered antibiotics in order to avoid serious medical repercussions.

This setback delayed Tammy’s return home — as did the apparent fact that neither her brother Chris nor her sister Amanda nor her sister Amy were prepared to care for her at their homes.

In a scene from the latest episode of her TLC reality show, Tammy said she felt “played” by her loved ones delaying her departure from rehab.

“They backed out on me,” she told the camera.

1000-lb Sistersí Amy Slaton spotted looking euphoric days after split from husband Michael in new pics with sister Tammy.

To Tammy’s credit, she lashed out in this confessional, but she did so in a healthy manner.

“I know I can be a bitch,” she admitted on air, breaking down at the time.

“It just hurts. It struck me to the core. I never thought they would hurt me that bad, ever.”

Amy, however, acknowledged on the episode that she loves Tammy and cares about Tammy… but was simply concerned that, due to the tracheotomy infection, she feared something would go horribly wrong if all issues weren’t sorted out before Tammy’s rehab release.

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Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton
Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton star on 1000-lb Sisters. Here they are in a promotional photo.

It’s important to remember, of course, that this episode was filmed months ago.

Tammy and Amy were just recently spotted out and about together, looking happier than ever and very much getting along.

As you’ve probably also heard, Amy is on the verge of filing for divorce, having already moved out of the Kentucky home she shared for years with husband Michael.

And where is she staying these days with her two kids?

Yup… with Tammy!


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