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The best EV portable chargers you can buy

by Mark Dylan
The best EV portable chargers you can buy - US Business News

With thousands and thousands of EV users, it’s vital to make sure drivers are aware of the possible charging options and how they operate. This article will be your in-depth guide to electric vehicle (EV) portable charging.

Portable chargers come in so handy when your phone, laptop, or headphones run out of charge… so why not have one for your vehicle too? Before you head out onto the roads, you’ll first need to make sure you have electric car insurance, as this will provide protection and assistance should you need it.

Read on to find out more about EV portable chargers.

What happens if my EV runs out of battery?

If your EV does run out of battery, there are various ways you can recharge your vehicle.

  • In public places, for example, supermarkets, gas stations, and malls.
  • At home you can have charging stations set up on your property, making the charging process more convenient.
  • Portable chargers can provide you with a boost of power when you are not close to any public charging stations.

What do portable chargers do?

The purpose of a portable charger is to provide you with a powerful surge of electricity, which ultimately acts as a backup when there are no home or public charging points available. They can be kept in the trunk of your EV in a small bag, the size of a briefcase, and only to be used in emergency situations.

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With so many public charging stations available, it’s unlikely you will end up in a situation where there is nowhere to charge your EV. However, if you live in a more rural area or in a state where there are fewer EV drivers, public charging points may be more difficult to come by.

For drivers who may be worried about running out of charge whilst on the go, a portable EV charger is a perfect gadget for you. It offers stability and reassurance, as there is a backup source of power available at all times.

How do portable chargers work?

With power bank-style units becoming more and more common, it’s worth knowing how they work. Essentially, to charge an EV with any charging station means, the Current (amps) x Voltage = Power.

Therefore, when using a portable charger, it’s the same math. They can be powered by different levels of voltage, but the most common is Level 1 and Level 2.

Top three portable chargers

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind, what are the best portable chargers on the market?

  • Juice Booster 2

This portable charger offers ‘basic sets’ and more advanced adaptors. The basic set provides a 22 KW charging station, with up to 32 amps. It will fully charge an EV in 3-4 hours, in ideal conditions. It can be used as a wall box or a type 2 cable.

  • MustartTravelmaster Level 1 and 2 Portable EV charger

With two adaptors, This can charge nearly all EVs. It recognizes which adapting plug is inserted and powers up at full speed. Comes with waterproofing and a two-year warranty.

  • BougeRV Level 2 Portable EV charger 6

Simple to install with 25 feet of cable. Level 2 saves you up to six times as much time as a Level 1 EV charger. Uses a 240 voltage and a maximum charging rate of up to 32 amps.

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We hope this article has helped you to understand how an EV portable charger works and the benefits of having one in your car. There are hundreds to choose from, so You’re bound to find the best one for you!

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