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You know, it’s kind of funny in hindsight that Marvel Snap (Free) got to its global launch without having Thanos in there. The game’s name and a major game mechanic are references to his iconic finger-flick, after all.  I guess it could not live with that failure, because where did it bring it? Back to Thanos. Right, I’ll leave the direct references to that one line. Marvel Snap has a new update, and it has some important things in it. Let’s go over it.

First and foremost, there’s a Token Shop now. Oh no! Well, here’s what it’s about. Normally once you reach Collector Level 500, you stop getting specific cards on a regular basis and instead get Collector’s Caches, which could contain a new card, some boosters, some credits, or some gold. Obviously some of those are more desirable than others, and even the prize pig, the cards, are a crap shoot in terms of how useful they’ll be.

marvel snap power cosmic update download thanos token shop

This update makes some changes to the Caches. Boosters have been removed, and you now have a chance of getting some Tokens. Those Tokens can be used in the new Token Shop, which features a rotating card selection. The potential cards could be from Series 3 (more on this in a second), Series 4, or Series 5, with costs rising appropriately. It takes a ton of Tokens to buy a card this way, but it does allow you to get your hands on specific cards.

This update also introduces Series 4 and Series 5 cards. Unlike the first three Series, you don’t need to have collected every card from lower pools to get them. You have a chance of pulling them from any Collector’s Cache, but they are very rare (10x rarer than Series 3) and bonkers rare (10x rarer than Series 4) respectively. These cards are very hard to get your hands on, but they are extremely powerful. Galactus and Thanos are among the new Series 5 cards.

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There are also some fixes and balance adjustments in this update, nerfing some cards (Angela, Onslaught, Mysterio, Destroyer, and Sera) and tweaking how some effects play out. Finally, Marvel has also given us a sneak peak of the next season that will follow the Warriors of Wakanda event: The Power Cosmic. Check it out in the above trailer. All in all, a big update for the game that hopefully will make for an even better experience.


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