The Link Up: The Fabric Line Em Is Using At The Farm, Albie’s CUTE Faux Leather Midi Skirt, And A Lighting Fast Phone Charger



This past week Emily giggled when we (the LA team) decided to reschedule a team lunch because it was raining…HARD. “Oh you definitely can’t have lunch when it’s raining,” she playfully mocked. And look we get it! But we are also crossing our fingers that sunny days are soon for us all. So for now, grab a warm beverage, sit in a cozy chair (or sofa or bed), and enjoy this week’s link up:)

This week’s house tour is pretty out of this world but also extremely personal which is why we are fascinated by it. It’s the home of actress Debby Ryan and musician Josh Dun and was inspired by their love of treehouses, games, and fantasy. Go check out their Ohio home and we highly recommend you watch the video.

From Emily: A big shoutout to two of my favorite Portlanders today – Max Humphrey and Kaitlin Green. This feature in Domino was so warm and welcoming and Max’s new line of Sunbrella for Pindler is AWESOME (I have some of it in my upcoming dining nook that I can’t wait to show you). The Irish blockchain motif is really perfect for me (and you might see it on some Adirondack chairs, soon). It’s only to the trade right now so I’m not sure where to link it, but hoping that someone will make pillows out of it so any of y’all can have it in your home. Great write up Domino.

From Mallory: When I tell you my life changed from getting this phone charger, I mean it (the cord is sold separately here). We refer to it in our house as “the fast charger” because it does exactly that. Your phone will be FULLY charged in less than an hour. I hate carrying around portable chargers, so this was a real game-changer for me. Even if we’re leaving the house in 10 minutes, I’ll plug it in and it will go from like 20% battery to 60% that fast. It’s amazing and I don’t know how I ever lived without it tbh.

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From Jess: I’ve been using my oven more lately and want to re-shout out these baking sheets. They are nonslip, easy to clean, and I’ve had them for at least three years and they still look great. These would also be such a great gift!

ATTN Vintage Lovers! Drew from Lone Fox is dropping his second highly-curated vintage haul on March 26th at 10 am. He has an impeccable eye so be sure to check it out! Last time it sold out very fast so we suggest heading over there quick:)

From Caitlin: My former startup advisor-turned-friend Lucas just relaunched his app, Hipstamatic, as a social network!!! If you’re chronically online like me, you may remember Hipstamatic from the late aughts – they invented the square filtered photograph (!!!) and it was also the only app Steve Jobs EVER named as Apple’s “App of the Year,” which is incredible. ANYWAY, Hipstamatic relaunched this week as an IG competitor and it is AWESOME – a chronological feed, no algorithms, no AI, and no ads! Just simple, square, filtered photos of your friends and family that disappear after four weeks (it’s user supported – you can pay for more features. I do :)). Remember when IG was just photos of your friends having a nice breakfast or sweet photos of sunsets? WE CAN HAVE THAT AGAIN!!! Come check out unstaged, unstyled photos of my house, my nails, my pets, and my vintage finds right here –  I’m SO EXCITED for this to be the next big thing in social media:)

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From Ryann: I am in love with my new sneakers. I wear them almost every day with leggings, a plain t-shirt or tank top, and a zip-up or hoodie. They are so comfortable and cool and it’s becoming hard to wear any other shoe. 10/10!

From Albie: A few years back, I remember when @signedblake released her very first collection with Amazon The Drop. It was glorious! The colors. The silhouettes. The fabrics. I’m actually wearing a dress from that first collection in my living room reveal from that year. Then she released a second… and a third… and a fourth… each collection arguably better than the last. During this same time I’ve also been trying to refine my personal style outside of the house — I have my work-from-home wardrobe on lock! — and had been on the hunt for a leather pencil skirt. Ask and ye shall receive! The faux leather midi skirt from Blake’s most recent drop is exactly what I’d envisioned in my fashion mind. The material is luxuriously soft. The way it drapes over my hips is like a glove. Now that I’ve found the skirt, I just have to figure out where I’m gonna actually wear it lol. 

Hope you have a great (and dry) rest of your Sunday and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Lead Design by Julie Rose | Styled by Emily Bowser and Assisted by Lauren Day | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Dark Attic Becomes The Most Joyful Bedroom For THREE Kids – Thanks To Velux Skylights And Some Clever Storage Solutions

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