The New Jake Arnold x Crate & Barrel Collection Is Giving Us Heart Palpitations



If you’ve made it this far you probably saw the opener photo, got butterflies, then had to click through to see more. Honestly, same. We were so excited when we heard Jake Arnold + Crate & Barrel were collaborating and now that the collection has launched, we wanted to do a deep dive into the beautiful pieces that they created together. I was actually lucky enough to see the collection yesterday in person and ya’ll, it’s even more stunning IRL. So today I am thrilled to highlight some of our favorite pieces and share why we love them so much. Enough talk, let’s let this collection speak for itself:

Rumford Accent Chair

Those chubby chairs are the perfect balance between modern and traditional. I am a huge fan of this layout and all of the pieces in the space. Perhaps the star of the show is this guy over in the corner:

This bar cabinet is one of my favorite pieces – dare I say – I’ve ever seen?? I love that it combines form and function seamlessly and THOSE LINES. Just, wow. So so good, Jake Arnold + team!!

Living Room

This is some serious eye candy am I right or am I right?? The curve of the chairs, the warm cognac sofa, and THAT CREDENZA. Hold up, let’s have a closer look at that…

Just wanted to confirm that this piece it’s awesome and it sure is. How amazing is that woven texture?! And those feet?? The whole thing is *chef’s kiss*. Also, click through to see the genius cord management solution in the back. That MAKES it for me and you can tell that there’s so much thought that went behind all of these pieces to make them beautiful and also functional so they can last you a lifetime. Now a moment for some of the other awesome products featured in this room:

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Alright, let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we? Let’s start by saying that there’s nothing sexier than a statement bed and this one DELIVERS. The color is perfect, the lines are gorgeously crafted and all in all, it couldn’t be better. See for yourself:


Hi, can we get a closer look? Yes, yes we can:

But here’s the real kicker: IT HAS STORAGE. Yup, you heard that right. The base of the bed pulls out which is literally a dream. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…I TOLD YOU THIS COLLECTION DELIVERS. Now we’ve been neglecting a seriously awesome part of the collab and I cannot continue on until we bring it up, ladies and gents, the lighting portion:



This truly knocked my socks off. I love all of the textures and the continuity is so clear through that brass ball detail. They just really nailed it. Alright now, let’s chat a bit about decor because, between the candle holders and the textiles, we’re about to have ourselves a feast. BUCKLE UP.

Decor and Textiles

Ah, this room is styled so beautifully. Did ya notice that awesome candle holder on the coffee table?? Let me show you a more in-depth photo below because it CANNOT be missed. Here are some of our favorite decor pieces & textiles:

So good right?! Let’s end it off with a HUGE congrats to Jake Arnold, Crate & Barrel, and the amazing team work it takes to build something as incredible as this. Way to go everyone, it’s a MASSIVE success!! xx

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If you want to check out even more of the collection, you can head here (definitely do because there are even more amazing pieces we didn’t have room for in this post, it’s worth it I swear!). Which products are your fav?? Let’s chat below! Thanks for being here. xx

**Images courtesy of Crate & Barrel

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