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Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Beyond #1Marvel Comics has retconned once again the origins of the Multiverse by introducing a new all-powerful god called the Lost One, who existed “before the Omniverse”. The Lost One is also responsible for creating the Beyonders, which not only changes again an important part of the history of the Marvel Universe, but also makes him the new strongest being in Marvel’s cosmic hierarchy.

Avengers Beyond is the follow-up to All-Out Avengers, a mini-series that showed the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes caught in the machinations of a mysterious, powerful creature who manipulated their minds and had the team move from one world-ending crisis to another. In Avengers Beyond #1, by Derek Landy, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D’Armata, it is revealed that the mastermind is none other than the original Beyonder from Secret Wars, who was “training” the Avengers to fight against an upcoming threat that is coming for him, the Lost One. According to the Beyonder’s story, this creature existed before the Omniverse and created the Beyonders, imbuing them “with the tiniest fraction of his power“. The Beyonders then grew jealous of their creator and attacked him, stealing the rest of his power and trapping him for eons, until he finally got free and started hunting his treacherous creations.

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The Lost One Is Marvel’s Most Powerful Cosmic God

The Lost One from Marvel Avengers Beyond

The Beyonders are usually considered the most powerful characters in Marvel lore. The fact that they do not belong to the reality of the Marvel Multiverse means they are not bound by its rules, making them superior even to beings that stand highest in the cosmic hierarchy, such as the Living Tribunal. If the Lost One created the Beyonders, and gave them only a tiny fraction of his powers, this puts this new character on an entirely new scale of power. Also, the reference that the Lost One existed “before the Omniverse” potentially rewrites the foundation of Marvel lore, which defines the Omniverse as the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, and dimension, including even those belonging to Marvel’s rivals DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, and so on, end every universe ever mentioned in them.

However, the Lost One’s story contradicts the excellent recounting of the origins of the Beyonders and of the Multiverse told in Defenders: Beyond #2, by Al Ewing and Javier Rodrìguez. In that story, the Beyonder himself explains that his species was created by the Celestials during the Second Cosmos (the second iteration of the Marvel Multiverse), who gave them the power to destroy their creators as a failsafe measure. This is because All-Out Avengers and Avengers Beyond were already being worked on by their creative team when Defenders: Beyond #2 came out. However, Derek Landy has explained on Twitter that the final issue of Avengers Beyond will explain this contradiction by showing that the Celestials created the Lost One who then created the Beyonders, a detail that the all-powerful beings decided not to mention to the Defenders.

Even with this continuity error posthumously fixed, the Lost One is still a cumbersome presence in Marvel lore. If he’s so powerful, then the Avengers should have absolutely no chance of defeating him, but everything is possible in Marvel’s comic books. It will be interesting to see if the Lost One will disappear at the end of this series or if he will remain and become a key player in the future events of the Marvel Multiverse.

Avengers Beyond #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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