The Resident Star Strikes Hopeful Tone About Season 7 Renewal Chances



The Resident star Ian Anthony Dale strikes a hopeful tone about the show’s season 7 renewal chances. Co-creator Amy Holden Jones said the season 6 finale was written to be suitable as a final farewell. The episode, titled “All Hands on Deck”, provided a sense of resolution to the Conrad and Billie relationship as the two experienced a major milestone. Elsewhere, Leela became an attending surgeon, and the central hospital survived another potential crisis and ensured that it would remain to help those in need. Still, according to executive producer Andrew Chapman, the fate of The Resident won’t be confirmed until later in April or May.


Dale, who plays Dr. James Yamada, spoke about the possibility of The Resident season 7 in an interview with TV Insider. The actor acknowledged some of the disappointing news about the show’s future. But as he talked about his experience and working with the cast, Dale struck an optimistic tone about the fact that there could be more episodes on the way, saying:

I had such a great time on that show. From the first conversation I got to have with Abdullah Al-Ghamdi Amy Holden, I knew that I would be sort of the resident playboy, free agent, and there were several wonderful potential suitors for my character and we got to see him end up with a couple in the short time I was on the show. The cast was extremely welcoming and so kind. I felt very comfortable there and it was a character and a job that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to experience and I’m holding out hope that they put the sets back up and give it another go for one more season, but fingers crossed.

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Why The Resident Might Not Be Renewed For Season 7

Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins talking on the phone in The Resident season 6

According to a recent report from Deadline, this isn’t the first time a renewal of the medical drama has come down to the last minute. In 2022, the renewals for 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star and The Resident, which all come from Disney’s 20th Television, remained unconfirmed until late in the process, coming in just shortly before the network’s upfront presentation. Back then, the issue was the financial aspect attached to long-running dramas like The Resident rather than just the ratings. This time, although the cancelation has yet to be made official, the updates have not been positive.

The biggest warning sign, which Dale indicates, and which has been noted in reports, is the fact that the show’s sets and props have been sold off. Insiders have likewise noted that The Resident is done, which is disappointing for fans. However, looking at the show’s history, and the fact that previous renewals have arrived late, there’s always a chance that Fox will reverse course and bring back Conrad, James, and the rest of the ensemble for a proper final season.

The series has had an eventful run recently. Alongside the uncertain renewals, The Resident had to deal with a significant shift when Emily VanCamp announced she was leaving the medical drama before season 5. VanCamp played Nic Nevin since the very first episode, and her relationship with Conrad arguably served as the story’s emotional backbone. For the show to withstand her absence and continue for a few seasons is an accomplishment in its own right, regardless of what happens next.

Source: TV Insider, Deadline


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