This electric scooter is currently $400 off on Amazon



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Electric scooters have become a popular alternative to cars, and even to public transportation and ride share apps if you live in the city. This one on Amazon is currently a whopping 50% off and full of features like over 30 miles of range and a top speed approaching 20 miles per hour.

$399.91 at Amazon

Key features

  • Travels up to 33 miles on a charge
  • Top speed of 18 mph
  • Rider weight limit is 264 pounds
  • Foldable making it easy to carry
  • Dual 450W motors
  • Full LCD display

50% of anything on Amazon is a pretty great deal, but 50% off an $800 is quite a bargain. For those of you who are looking for a vehicle alternative, the Hover-1 Renegade might be a good choice. With a range of 33 miles you can easily get around town and the top speed of 18 miles per hour means you’ll get wherever you need to go pretty quickly too. There’s no info on when this deal will end so if you’re thinking about it, make your decision quickly so you don’t miss out.

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