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The Fallout 4 style, grungy, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic aesthetic of Meet Your Maker is part of the game’s appeal. The cool, eye-catching suits and the promise of unique weapons make any player itch to throw away their starting set-up and hunt for these new items. Different suits and weapons can give Raiders useful advantages as they take on difficult Outposts.

Before players can worry about new weapons and suits, they will first have to complete the tutorials of Meet Your Maker. Upon doing so, players will unlock their Advisors, which are NPCs in the Command Center who manage weapon and suit upgrades. Chrona, a bald black woman with a cybernetic eye, is the Weapons Advisor, while Prosarmogi, the white man with tech embedded into his skin, deals in suits.


Weapons & Suits In Meet Your Maker

The Kamaitachi suit from Meet Your Maker

Once players have their Advisors unlocked, they can purchase new weapons and suits from each. To do this, players need a collection of Cells and Parts, with the sum of each listed alongside each item for sale. Cells are arguably the most important resource in the game, used to unlock and upgrade not only weapons and suits, but traps, guards, and hardware. The main way to earn Cells is to raid Outposts for GenMat which can be fed into a Raider’s Chimera.

Luckily, Parts are easier to come across in Meet Your Maker. While raiding Outposts, Parts spawn from destroyed traps and dead guards. Players also earn Parts when Raiders die while invading their own Outposts. The latter is a passive way to earn Parts that can give players time to focus on successfully raiding other Outposts.

Boosts in Meet Your Maker

Chroma the Weapons Advisor from Meet Your Maker

Boosts are upgrades for Advisors in Meet Your Maker that make it easier to collect materials or, in the case of Prosarmogi’s Boosts, learn more about enemy Outposts. There are different levels to Boosts that lengthen how long each is active, as Boosts need to be activated to earn their special perks.

Each Advisor also calls for different materials to trigger these Boosts. Prosarmogi demands Cells to reveal enemy Outpost data, while Chroma asks for Cells and Synthiete, a material collected alongside Parts, to boost the drop rate of Parts.

Prosarmogi’s Boost is arguably the most useful for new players to invest in, as it allows them to strategize their raids. The Boost can reveal just how Builders have laid out their traps, uncovering the clever defensive strategies seen in games like Rust. After analyzing an Outpost, players can then pick out which material they need a drop rate bonus in, activate the respective Boost, and tear through Meet Your Maker.

  • Meet Your Maker Key Art
    Meet Your Maker


    Behaviour Interactive

    Behaviour Interactive

    Action, Strategy, First-Person Shooter

    Online Multiplayer

    Not Yet Rated

    Meet Your Maker tasks players with building and raiding in a post-apocalyptic world, with all levels designed by other players. In this first-person experience, Players will shift between acting as a designer of an insidious trap-filled labyrinth or as an infiltrator that enters other players’ creations to gather pure genetic material to survive. Additionally, players can adjust their loadout to challenge dungeons however they see fit – every death is just another lesson learned, revealing a new strategy each time. Finally, every successful raid attempt will give players new traps, weapons, and gear to reinforce their creations or improve their chances of success. Meet Your Maker is an asynchronous game with multiplayer and single-player elements and will have a closed beta test on August 23rd, with a full release later in late 2022 or early 2023.


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