Used Car Pricing: The Insanity of Used Car Prices


80% of car buyers use the internet to search for used vehicles and prices. Vehicles are for research, and the internet is great! Car price and internet service are attractive! This is bad because prices do not reflect the reality of buyers and sellers. 

Vehicle-focused websites are more confusing than ever.

“My car is worth $25,800. I looked at used cars online and my car is worth $200,000.” I hear these words every day. I want the price to be correct for customers. “Correct” refers to the relevant information on the market price.

Hard to admit, but for me as a dealer, there is always a difference between what our cars are worth and “market value”.

To get the price of the car, the first thing you need to do is to discuss the terms. What is the situation?

Terms include but are not limited to

Car condition: mileage, maintenance, 1 owner…etc

Wanted: New models, special editions, super cool…etc.

Current: Tractors, convertibles, four-wheelers, etc.

Economy: Dealer and factory incentives, fuel prices, hybrids, SUVs

Where: Beverly Hills vs. Bronx

Now each variable above can have many subcategories. for example…

The words are very related. One might think that this car is perfect. Others say $1,000 is needed to do the job.

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Passion is still relative. Lots of cool bells and whistles that cost nothing or can add $1,000.

The wind is relative. 

Summer swings cost more than Chicago winter swings. Pallet truck prices in the Northeast in June are significantly lower than in November.

A recession has set in. 

Oil prices are rising and manufacturers’ incentives can put new and used car prices on the map.

Local usage has a big impact on the price of a used car. California convertibles cost more than Canadian convertibles.

The general conditions are in line with the market value and sites like Edmonds, Nada, and Kelly completely miss the point. It causes a host error message. Frankly, these are good research sites. But they do not determine the price.

According to the car is worth the money. 

And regardless of the above reasons, this is a misinformed argument. These sites build trust. And the price is really good. The market is an accurate indicator of vehicle value. For better or for worse

What should men do? 

Buyers and sellers should monitor the market, and check out,, and/or * And see ads and cars for sale. However, these sites are not clear. But it’s more accurate than the more trusted sites on reviews and averages.

Note: eBay used car prices Latest Car Prices are generally wholesale prices. In other words, it’s not fair to compare eBay wholesale vehicles (which may need major restoration) to retail vehicles and/or in good working condition.

Finally, from industry expert Barry Ross, “Skip the high and low prices you’ll find on the Internet.” The middle number is where you should dip. But don’t forget the price.” “Price is one thing – price is the key to a great car.”

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Used cars are considered very expensive. 

We’ve all heard of retail, despite repeated attempts to turn a profit. It has a private party and a commercial appraisal, but does that “help” determine the true value of the vehicle?

It is more interesting when we open the website to see the prices. One site puts the car’s retail price at $18,000, another at $21,000, what should we believe?

If the seller wants the highest price for the car they are selling. And buyers are looking for the best deals. Is the used car price fair for both parties?

The answer is yes, but both parties must agree.

We call these “pages” fair market value.

As mentioned, how do we interpret the market to determine fair market value? Because many sellers and buyers try to interpret the market as they see fit. So let’s level the playing field.

One of the smartest ideas I’ve heard about creating a better playing field for used car pricing comes from Barry Roth, industry expert and owner of Midway Imports.

To find the market value, you need to use all the price information for a particular vehicle. And subtract the highest and lowest values. Only where you can get fair market value.

Although this does not solve all the problems with the prices of used cars, it eliminates the figures that are far from the truth. This gives people a more reasonable price according to the market.

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