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  • UWELL Caliburn X. - US Business News
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    UWELL Caliburn X.

    by Aron Walter

    The uwell Caliburn X, the most significant and most potent device in the Caliburn line, strikes a balance between simplicity of use and a few slightly more sophisticated features that appeal to novice and seasoned vapers.

    The Caliburn X provides up to 20W of adjustable power and up to a day’s battery life on a single charge. It also has a display screen to check and modify your settings. The smartphone charges in less than an hour and has an excellent 850mAh battery.

    The UWELL Caliburn X is the newest product from one of the most popular brands of pod vapes. UWELL Caliburn x  has divided the line into several sub-lines with their distinctive characteristics since the Caliburn in 2019. The world’s most well-known pod vape, the original Caliburn, was evolved for the series to become the Caliburn X.

    The device has adjustable airflow and a small screen that shows the user all pertinent information, such as battery life (at 20% intervals).

    Design & Appearance

    The Caliburn X is a compact, stylish device with a matte-finished aluminum alloy body. The front of the device has a small, glossy, capsule-shaped black panel that houses the screen directly beneath the top fire button.

    Thanks to its diagonal striped pattern, the fire button has a good tactile sensation that sets it apart from the rest of the gadget.

    The airflow adjustment switch is located on the side of the device. The switch has substance, and just like the fire button, it is flimsy and moveable.

    Like the fire button, the switch has a substance but is exceedingly loose and very easy to move. As there is only one tiny hole for the switch to cover, the adjustable airflow is of limited use. To properly customize the draw, this necessitates careful, extremely minute alterations to the switch, which will invariably change the instant you unintentionally brush the side of the gadget and move the switch.


    Our vape review team discovered that most people prefer utilizing nic salt vape juice with the majority of Caliburn kits after testing several Uwell Caliburn devices with a diverse range of e-Juice varieties. Although high VG e-Juice may be used in most Caliburn pods, the experience seems less enjoyable than nic salt vape juice. It makes the most sense for vapers who enjoy high VG e-Juice to choose a vape device with a greater wattage output and lower resistance coils. The nic salt vape juice manufacturers that complemented the Caliburn pods the best are listed below.

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    This is a logical fit because we created the Pod Juice nic salt vape juice brand for, you guessed it, pod systems. Each Caliburn vape device worked well with every Pod Juice flavor, with no leaking and high-quality taste profiles. For the majority of Caliburn pod systems, Pod Juice employs a 50/50 VG/PG blend that is the ideal combination.


    Our disposable vape store offers a large selection of disposable vaporizers online. If you already vape and want to try a different flavor but want to save money on a partial refill bottle, a disposable vape is a great option. A disposable vape device is an excellent option if you have never vaped before and are seeking a cheap way to start while trying out different flavors. Our goal is to grow the vaping industry while providing clients with a positive and beneficial experience. Our team includes several seasoned vapers who have assisted us in developing premium, high-quality vape products to provide the general public with the most extraordinary vaping experience.

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