What I’ve Been Putting On My Body Lately – Comfortable Spring Clothes For When I Attempt To Leave The House



It’s been a minute since I did a fashion post (or put on fashion that wasn’t these pants), but I have a few shoots coming up as well as I had a spring break to pack for (Costa Rica, which I still need to fill you in on – it was wonderful). So here are just a few things that I’ve loved a lot lately.

Blouse | Jeans | Purse | Shoes

I find that a white blouse and black pants combo to be challenging because it can go “catering” so fast, but this menswear-inspired shirt is oversized in a cool way (I love this one even more now) and over those washed stretchy but not too stretchy black Cali jeans it feels still modern/fresh. And look at me attempting to wear heels! In Oregon! In the Spring! I’ve had these clogs for 5 years now and they are still going strong (probably because I wear them 10 times a year). Whenever I want to feel cute but still look casual (date nights), I throw these on and I feel like I’ve tried.

Blouse | Purse

My new Claire V belt bag is EXCELLENT, not necessarily because of how it looks (which is very cool) but because of how it drapes and lies on my body. The material of the bag and strap make it so that it tucks so perfectly in the boob-armpit area and stays put. My other belt bag (of which I have four) always sneaks into the armpit area, which is fine but this one stays on my front because of its moon shape, scale, and the flexibility of the fabric. It’s also much bigger than my other one, fitting my wallet, phone, and Kindle more easily. It’s become my everyday purse and dresses up and down so easily.

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Dress | Shoes

A big yes to this A-line washed black denim dress – with pockets!! So forgiving, so easy to wear, and so versatile. Not super heavy, but sturdy enough to maintain the A-line shape. You can eat SO MANY BREAKFAST BURRITOS with zero discomfort!! And y’all this boring white room is getting a heavy dose of paint color REALLY SOON. And that dope desk is likely being returned (or hoarded for a future project) – it doesn’t work there.

Pullover | Shorts

I didn’t need this Nike pullover, but it was just so flattering. This could be because I was in Dicks Sporting Goods trying on new yoga clothes (I’ve had a huge yoga resurgence, y’all – obsessed again). However, I was so unbelievably horrified by the shopping experience (the most unflattering lights/mirrors) and this still looked so cute/flattering that it felt like a worthwhile investment. Or maybe I just needed to feel good about myself after trying on so many unflattering yoga sets (WHO MAKES THE GOOD ONES????). I have worn it a ton when I want to wear athleisure but also want to still feel cute (the shoulders are nicely structured, making the waist look smaller). I am wearing a medium.

The shorts are the same from the last two summers, from Madewell, with that cute little kick-out that doesn’t hug your legs and makes them look longer (IMHO). They are pretty true to size if you want them to be baggy (otherwise if you want them tighter, size down).

Windbreaker | Shorts | Shoes

For Costa Rica, I wanted a thin layer for the morning walks/hikes/ziplining and this was PERFECT, and I wore it almost every day. It is extremely lightweight, adding no “warmth,” but just a layer between you and the wind (or if you just aren’t ready to be in a tank top at 7 am). I’ll also wear this a ton this summer walking dogs in the morning before it’s too hot, but when I still like to have a layer. BTW, I secretly want to start a whole line of dog-walking clothes. Remember that I was a professional dog walker in New York in my early 20s and I truly feel there are some holes in the apparel market for those of us power walking our dogs. Not necessarily for fashion, but utility – I want pockets with different functions, fabric that is warm but doesn’t retain heat when you are at mile 3… I’m sure this all exists functionally, but I’d like it to be just better.

Windbreaker | Shorts | Shoes

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Anyway, I bought this windbreaker in white and green and I sized it up to be more oversized. This is a medium, but the small fit, too – just didn’t have the same boxiness. I love the pockets (they close easily, but no zipper making it easy to grab your phone if needed). And we have officially entered our Teva phase – I wore these almost every day in Costa Rica because they are so comfortable/supportive, breathable (obviously) and I think they look cool (while they don’t mask my bunion, the location of the strap de-emphasizes it).

Jacket | Leggings | Shoes

Last is my Everlane windbreaker which is a bit warmer than the other one and covers the bum/thighs for when it’s a bit chillier. It looks heavier than it is – it’s really lightweight and it is NOT a raincoat, but it is rain resistant if it’s misting. I’m wearing my buttery soft Vuori tights (I have 3 pairs now and it’s all I wear, honestly).

Have a lovely weekend, y’all. xx

Bedroom Resources:
White Oak Windows and Doors – Sierra Pacific (Aspen casements)
Window Treatments – Decorview
Flooring – Zena Forest Products(Oregon grown and milled)
Sconces, Switches, and Outlets – Rejuvenation
Wall Color – Sherwin Williams, “Extra White” (which is a cool white, FYI).
Skylights – Velux (with room darkening shades, of course).


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