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A new mission from the REDACTED faction in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has players try to find where special items called Golden Skulls could be found during the DMZ mode. Golden Skulls are rare, and players cannot craft them like other faction objectives items such as the Skeleton Key. With the DMZ mode swarming with AI-controlled enemies and other players possibly looking for Golden Skulls themselves, players will need to be careful while exploring either map.


Although Ashika Island is the new map introduced during Season 2, players will have a far easier time looking for Golden Skulls on the Al Mazrah map. Al Mazrah is much larger, giving players better chances of getting one or more Golden Skulls without worrying about competing with other players. However, if players take down an opponent who has grabbed a Golden Skull, they are more than welcome to take it along with the rest of that enemy’s gear.

Golden Skulls Locations

Warzone 2 DMZ The Sawah Hotel on Al Mazrah Map with Great Loot in Rooms 302 and 303

The best places to find Golden Skullsinn Al Mazrah are the Sawah Hotel, Police Stations, and inside various Safes scattered throughout the map. Already an excellent spot to find loot from Room 302 in Warzone 2‘s Sawah Hotel, this location also has the potential to spawn Golden Skulls.

The Hotel rests in the center of Sawah Village and has plenty of gear for players to collect in orange caches found in Rooms 302 and 303, which are easily accessed through the roof.

Golden Skulls have the highest chance of appearing at the three total Police Stations found to the south of Al Mazrah City, the northwest section of the City, and one south of Sa’id City Mall. Armored guards usually protect these areas, so players have to raid these areas quickly for potential Skulls. Searches at Police Stations could still be unlucky though, as Golden Skull appearances are determined by RNG only.

How To Get Golden Skulls in Safes

Warzone 2 Golden Skull Found in DMZ that Players are Fighting Over

Safes are found inside warehouses and other homes around Al Mazrah and Ashika Island and are one of the best ways to earn money fast in Warzone 2 DMZ. These containers have a chance to yield Golden Skulls, but players have to take time to drill safes open first. In addition, enemies nearby are alerted when a player tries to get into a safe, forming a wave of foes that must be beaten before collecting what is inside the safe.

Once again, Golden Skulls may or may not appear in safes depending on a random spawn rate. Thankfully, safes typically manage to have great loot regardless, so players are encouraged to look into as many as they can in a match. Players that know where to find Golden Skulls in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 should be able to earn the rewards from the REDACTED faction’s mission since only one Skull is necessary to complete the objective.

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