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Netflix’s Dated and Related is about siblings becoming wingmen and wingwomen for each other, and some are more successful than others. With a beautiful villa in France as their backdrop, sibling pairs gathered, helping each other to find love. Some couples found their match in the first episode, while others needed time to find a deep connection. Three finalists left Dated and Related (which premiered in early September 2022) together in the season finale, but not every pair stayed together after the show ended.


There were mixed reactions to Dated and Related, as some fans loved seeing how the siblings brought out each other’s personalities, while others found it too cringe-worthy to see them watching each other on dates. The Dated and Related cast featured pairs from the U.S., like self-declared Jersey boys Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen, as well as Canadians Daniel and Julia Perfetto. Across the pond were some cast members who brought the drama, such as London-based twins Nina and Diana Parsijani, and Kaz and Kieran Bishop.

Not Every Couple Survived Post-Dated And Related

Kaz and Diana talk together outside on loungers in the sun

Kaz and Diana formed an instant connection on Dated and Related, which is like Love Island, but their siblings Kieran and Nina had a rockier relationship that didn’t last. Julia and Joey Roppo started strong, but their chemistry fizzled, leading them to call things off. After some Instagram posts from Julia and Joey appeared in September 2022, it was easy to wonder if they might give their relationship another try. However, it appears to have ended.

Kieran Bishop and Alara Taneri from Dated and Related

Alara Taneri fought Nina Parsijani hard for Kieran Bishop, despite Nina staking her claim. She took him on a date, constantly flirted, and eventually won him over. It doesn’t seem like there is any bad blood between Alara and Nina now, but Alara appears to have remained single. Alara and Kieran did not last beyond Dated and Related, as they lived a few hours apart, and found the challenges of a long-distance relationship too daunting, so they ended things.

Daniel Perfetto and Nina Parsijani from Dated and Related posing together on couch at night

Daniel Perfetto and Nina’s relationship blossomed towards the end of Dated and Related, hosted by Melinda Berry from Too Hot To Handle. They formed a sweet connection, and are seemingly still together today. Although they are in different countries, they are still in a long-distance relationship, insisting as of September 2022 that they talk all the time. Fans will be happy to know that Daniel and Joey’s “bromance” is also still going strong, as the pair posted an ab-filled video together in September 2022.

Unsurprisingly, Kaz and Diana were the winners of Dated and Related season 1. They received the $100,000 grand prize, and according to Netflix Tudum, they plan on spending it on a lavish vacation without their meddling siblings. Kaz and Diana dated throughout the entire show, and started a life together outside the villa. They admitted to hitting some rough patches when they returned to their normal lives; but as of September 2022, Kaz and Diana are still together. Although they haven’t posted about each other on social media, no news outlets have confirmed a breakup.

Sources: Netflix Tudum, Daniel Perfetto/TikTok


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