Who Nan Pierce Is & Why She’s So Important In Succession Season 4



Nan Pierce is a huge player in Succession season 4, episode 1, causing many audiences to wonder who she is. In the season 4 premiere, Nan Pierce holds the keys to PGM, the company that both Waystar Royco and the Roy siblings want to buy. This puts Nan in a pretty powerful position, with the character having a lot of sway in season 4 so far. Nan Pierce’s introduction to season 4 isn’t her debut, as the character has appeared in Succession before.

Succession season 4, episode 1 sees the Roy family continuing to feud after the explosive ending of season 3, in which Logan Roy locked Kendall, Roman, and Shiv out of Waystar Royco. However, the Roy siblings have another trick up their sleeve. In an attempt to get back at their father, the Roys start a bidding war with Waystar Royco, attempting to beat the company’s offer to buy PGM. Logan has had his eyes on PGM since season 2, making this attack even more personal. PGM will definitely be important going forward, as will Succession season 4’s Nan Pierce.

Nan Pierce Is Head Of Waystar Rival PGM & Last Appeared In Succession Season 2

Nan Pierce in Succession

Nan Pierce is the CEO of Pierce Global Media, a massive media conglomerate that acts as Waystar Royco’s number-one rival. In the fierce world of Succession‘s business landscape, a company as big as PGM is a massive threat, with Logan Roy understandably wanting to take care of it. Nan Pierce is the only one in Logan’s way, but he finally has her willing to sell the company, putting her in the position Logan wants. Nan Pierce first appeared in Succession back in season 2.

In season 2, Nan Pierce’s competitive history was put to the side as she decided to sell PGM to Waystar Royco. Buying out PGM has been one of the main storylines of Succession throughout seasons 2 and 3, with the discussion about PGM continuing despite Nan not appearing in season 3. It seems like this PGM storyline is finally coming to a head in Succession season 4, as Nan is closer to selling the company than ever.

Nan Pierce Is Key To The Roy Family Conflict In Succession Season 4

Roy family Succession

Nan Pierce is one of the most powerful characters in Succession season 4, as she is critical to the Roy family conflict. Only she can decide who buys PGM, and with Logan and the Roy siblings both having their eyes on the company, she holds the keys. Both groups will stop at nothing to win Nan over, making her the one who can decide the winner of the Roy family conflict.

Nan Pierce’s position in Succession season 4 allows for an exciting possibility. Everyone in the Roy family is having financial troubles after the events of season 3, and Nan could bargain to the point where the amount of money PGM is bought for significantly hurts the buyer. After all, the Roy siblings bid $10 billion, far above the company’s value, and Nan could keep pushing that number up. Nan could leverage her position to pit the Roys against each other and guarantee their mutually assured destruction, possibly making her the big winner of Succession season 4.


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