Why Love Is Blind Fans Want A Season With Older Couples



Some Love Is Blind fans have postulated a season of Love Is Blind for older couples would be a welcome change from young singles who may not be ready to settle down. Love Is Blind season 4 features young, beautiful singles finding love without the guise of appearance, but they’re mostly in their twenties and early thirties. Given the scrutiny regarding diversity on Love Is Blind, it seems adding age to the mix would be another factor for the hit Netflix reality TV show to consider since viewers prefer to watch couples who take the experiment seriously.


Casting for Love Is Blind begins with a lengthy questionnaire about every aspect of their lives, but one common thread through the seasons is everyone has been well under the age of 40. Even this season, Tiffany Pennywell makes a big deal about her age, which is 37, in nearly every episode. Notably, Tiffany and Brett Brown are arguably the best couple this season. Given their maturity, it’s vital to consider that commitment might correlate with age, even on reality TV.

Love Is Blind Pod Conversations Would Be More Interesting

Early in the season, singles must endure painfully shallow pod conversations before narrowing down to potential matches. According to Reddit user u/lindafromevildead, fans “think older people would have way more interesting pod conversations because we know our lifestyle requirements and we know our dealbreakers from experience.” Arguably, there would be less people-pleasing and attempting to change oneself to fit the ideal of the person on the other side. Additionally, inevitable conversations about co-parenting in blended families would be fascinating since many older singles would likely have children from previous marriages.

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Love Is Blind Fans Want To See People Who Genuinely Want To Settle Down

Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze from Love is Blind season 4

Another common complaint concerning Love Is Blind is that many cast members are chasing clout rather than marriage. Already in the fourth season, there are a couple of obvious singles who want fame rather than love, notably MMA fighter Josh Demas and mean girl Irina Solomonova. One Reddit user agreed that featuring older singles would be the best plan, saying, “I completely agree. The game changes when you get to a certain age and are like, really ready to settle down.” Casting older singles would allow people who genuinely want to find marriage to seek out someone who feels the same, mainly because dating gets more challenging as people get older.

Unfortunately, every plan is flawed. Some level of stereotypical beauty draws in viewers. Although Love Is Blind has come under scrutiny for casting only ultra-attractive men and women, reality shows that feature hot singles tend to attract more viewers. In contrast, MILF Manor, which aired on TLC and featured beautiful, older women dating younger men, attracted far fewer viewers. Even Sexy Beasts, which took appearance out of dating in a bizarre way, drew in significantly less viewership than Love Is Blind.

Older Love Is Blind Contestants Arent Put To Seek Fame

Kwame Appiah on Love Is Blind

Additionally, an older cast doesn’t necessarily rule out cast members who seek fame over love. The Real Housewives franchise features predominantly middle-aged women who showcase their lavish lives for clout every week. There isn’t an age limit on seeking fame, and anyone who applies for a reality TV show has a certain level of desire for notoriety, even if the momentum is a noble pursuit of a life partner. However, if reality TV shows generally seek to stir up drama, casting older adults who are potentially on their second or third marriage could deliver the cringe factor Love Is Blind viewers have grown accustomed to.

One difference in fame chasing would certainly be social media use. Most of the clout chasers from Love Is Blind season 4 have an interest in growing a social media presence. For example, Josh, who attempts to woo Jackelina Bonds away from Marshall Glaze, has reason to accumulate fame for his MMA fighter and Jiu-Jitsu career. Additionally, Irina owns her own business in Seattle, though her mean-girl spirit may actually be hurting her event planning company. Older couples likely wouldn’t be as savvy with using social media such as Instagram or TikTok as a marketing tool and would come off as more genuine.

Love Is Blind is such a hit that it’s unlikely to go anywhere, and producers are already casting for the next two seasons. Even though a desire for notoriety can happen at any age, it seems like a salacious twist on a fascinating experiment four seasons in the making. Dedicated fans of the show have pushed for more diversity on Love Is Blind, and including age diversity as a part of that request would be a welcome inclusion.

Love Is Blind airs Fridays on Netflix.

Source: u/lindafromevildead/Reddit


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