Alfa Romeo’s first EV reportedly due out in 2024 as small crossover



The first series-produced electric Alfa Romeo model will allegedly make its debut in 2024. Official details aren’t available, but a recent report claims that the EV will take the form of a small, entry-level crossover that will be closely related to the Jeep Avenger under the sheetmetal.

Don’t be alarmed if the nameplate “Avenger” doesn’t ring a bell, or if you associate it with a series of Dodge models built from the 1990s to the 2010s. Across the pond, the emblem denotes a hatchback-like, city-friendly front-wheel-drive Jeep built on a platform that underpins several cars in the Stellantis portfolio. It’s on these bones that Alfa Romeo will build its first EV, according to British magazine Autocar.

The soft-roader could be called Brennero, a name borrowed from a mountain pass in Italy, and the publication wrote that current and past models will influence its design; the report notably cited the original Giulietta released in 1954 as a source of inspiration. Time will tell if that’s accurate, and how designers will transfer 70-year-old styling cues onto a mass-produced crossover developed for young, urban buyers.

On the electric side of the lineup, the model will share powertrain parts with its Jeep-badged sibling. For context, the subcompact Avenger (which stretches approximately 161 inches long and 60 inches tall) ships with a single, front-mounted electric motor that zaps the front wheels with 154 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. Electricity is stored in a 54-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, and Jeep quotes a 250-mile driving range when tested on the WLTP cycle used in Europe (the EPA-estimated figure would likely be lower).

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Like the Avenger, the Brennero will be offered with a gasoline-powered engine in some markets. Again using a Jeep as a reference point, the piston-powered option is a turbocharged, 1.2-liter three-cylinder shared with the Peugeot 208, among others, and rated at 154 horsepower.

If the report is accurate, the Alfa Romeo Brennero will land in showrooms in June 2024. Our crystal ball tells us that it won’t be sold in the United States due in part to its small size; Jeep doesn’t sell the Avenger here, after all. American drivers who want to put an electric Alfa Romeo crossover in their driveway will need to wait until the rumored second-generation Stelvio makes its debut at some point in 2026.


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