Is Raz B Gay? Truth Behind His Sexual Identity and Other Life Details


According to public records, 33-year-old Raz B (real name: De’Mario Monte Thornton) was arrested for domestic assault on May 1. The singer is being detained in the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis without the possibility of bail. The R&B group will go on as planned at the Target Centre in Minneapolis on May 1.

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that it’s unclear why Raz was arrested, but that he got into a fight with his (unnamed) girlfriend that “turned physical when she attacked him” and that Raz was merely defending himself. The report further stated that the alleged incident occurred in a parking lot. So, here lies the answer to the main question is Raz B gay? If he is he wouldn’t have a girlfriend.

Is it true that Raz B is gay?

Is Raz B gay, true? It’s false that Raz B is gay. In reality, he has claimed that a pedophile sexually exploited him. According to Raz B, his childhood was ruined by the sexual abuse of his cousin Marques Houston (a member of the group B2K) and his former manager Chris Stokes.

In a video posted to social media in 2018, Raz B claimed that Stokes and Houston had sexually abused him and the other B2K members. Despite Raz B’s claims, Stokes and Houston have both debunked them.

Many of the singer’s detractors have spread rumors about his sexuality in response to Raz B’s false claims. Nothing suggests he is gay because he has never dated a man. It’s safe to assume that Raz B is not gay because he has never dated a man.

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Raz B Denies Being Gay

Raz B, a popular American boy band B2K member, has denied rumors and speculation about his sexuality. From an early age, he faced obstacles and scandals, but one thing remained constant: his sexual orientation shouldn’t define him; rather, his talent should be what counts.

Knowing About the talented musician Raz B

In case you were wondering, Raz B’s real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton. Born on June 13, 1985, the talented musician first gained attention as a member of the R&B group B2K, which also featured Lil Fizz, J-Boog, and Omarion. When the band he was in took off in the early 2000s, he became a household name in the music industry.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse against Raz B

Hollywood Life has contacted the Hennepin County Jail and a representative for Raz for comment. As the early 2000s pop culture icon faces a domestic violence charge, here’s what else you need to know about him.

The rise to fame of Raz B, however, was not without its share of criticism. After making allegations of sexual assault against fellow musician Marques Houston and band manager Chris Stokes, he emerged as a central figure in the scandal.

Tragically, losing his mother at such a young age profoundly affected Raz and caused him to struggle emotionally. Despite his openness about his traumatic past, it is essential to remember that it does not indicate his sexual orientation.

A Declaration of Sexual Orientation by Raz B

After the allegations of abuse surfaced, speculation began that Raz B was gay. But the singer bravely shared her thoughts. In response to these accusations, Raz B categorically denied being gay. He was never afraid to tell it like it was and made it clear that he wouldn’t stand for anyone else’s assumptions about who he was.

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Trauma and Sexuality: A Complicated Relationship

Even though Raz B has publicly disclosed his painful past experiences and acknowledged his sexual orientation, it is important to realize that being a victim of sexual abuse does not dictate one’s sexual orientation.

Sexual abuse as a child does not “turn” a person gay, and the myth that it does is harmful and untrue. Homosexuality is more a part of a person’s innate make-up that they are born with than a learned orientation.

Career details about Raz B which made him Champion

Indeed, Raz B has shown extraordinary fortitude in the face of adversity. He overcame all his obstacles and became a music star. Due to his experience, he is now a famous musician and unintentional spokesperson for other victims of sexual assault. The media and entertainment industries have focused more on sexual abuse since these efforts. Last but not least, it’s important that the question of Raz B’s sexual orientation not be front and center.

What everyone should be doing is applauding his story of survival, grit, and responsible, unceasing combat. Like everyone else, Raz B has the right to go about his life without worrying about being subjected to constant speculation and baseless accusations. The story he told was a moving reminder that people should not have to defend their sexual orientation.

Who is Raz B dating currently?

Currently,fans are thinking, ‘IsRazB gay’?Well! Raz B is single as per status. There is no evidence on his Instagram that he is seeing anyone at the moment. His most recent rumored girlfriend was Kallee Brookes, whom he dated in 2019.

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Raz B’s Dating Life Recounted:

Dating between Raz B and Kallee Brookes started this year. However, the former couple divorced the following year. An emergency call and domestic violence allegations led to the arrest of Raz B in Minneapolis this year.

After being released on bail, he admitted to the two domestic violence charges. He was given a three-year probationary period, had to perform 100 hours of community service, and attended a domestic violence program.


Recently, Raz B gave a lengthy interview to Vlad TV, where he discussed the rise and fall of B2K, the band’s financial woes, and the sexual misconduct allegations he made against the band’s former manager, Chris Stokes, and others.

In his first interview back in the United States in more than seven years, Raz discussed the rumors and truth behind the dissolution of B2K and whether or not the band would reform. The singer addressed the question of whether or not he identifies with the LGBTQ community, given his history of discussing his sexuality in terms of having sex exclusively with men. Therefore, the statement that is Raz B gay is a myth.

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