Joy-Anna Duggar Accused of Endangering Children With Bizarre Outdoor Activity



Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting her third child these days, and she’s basically the sole caretaker for two kids under the age of six.

Both of those children are homeschooled, and in keeping with Duggar tradition, Joy’s husband, Austin Forsyth, leaves her to perform just about all of the household chores.

So yeah, she’s got a lot on her plate these days.

Joy doesn’t have a lot to work with in terms of keeping the kids entertained while she tends to the many, many tasks she’s responsible for over the course of a single day.

Joy-Anna Duggar is doing whatever she wants on Instagram these days. (Photo via Instagram)

But earlier this week, she discovered a creative solution to the problem.

Joy posted a photo of her two children sitting in a plastic tote filled with warm water on a sunny day.

“Added a few pots of boiling water to make it a hot tub,” she captioned the pic.

Joy-Anna Duggar recently discovered an innovative way to keep her kids entertained. But Duggar critics do not approve! (Photo via Instagram)

It might not be the most enthralling activity, but the kids seem to have enjoyed it!

Of course, we’re living in the age of haters, and Joy is a member of the ever-controversial Duggar clan, so plenty of critics voiced their objections to her latest childcare innovation.

“Can we talk about how dirty the water is?” one Reddit user asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Joy-Anna Duggar poses here with her husband and two kids. She shared this photo on social media in August of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

“Why does Evy have water wings on?” another inquired.

“And why can’t they each have their own clean tote of water?” a third chimed in.

One commenter joked that Joy had constructed an “Arkansas hot tub.”

Another critic remarked, “That’s disgusting-looking water. I have so many questions.”

Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her third child. And fans think she’s secretly expecting twins! (Photo via Instagram)

A third commenter wrote: “Joy’s content can be so trashy.”

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“Plus why add boiling water? It’s 70+ outside. Just put them in a bath they’d at least be in clean water.”

Someone else chimed in: “I’m more concerned that she said she added pots of boiling water!”

Joy-Anna Duggar is front and center for this selfie, which she posted to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Yeah, it’s a little weird that so many people are obsessed with the cleanliness of the activity, when the fact that Joy dunked her kids in boiling water seems like the real story here.

But we’re sure she had the sense to cool it down a bit before she dropped her kids in the tote.

The Duggars have been accused of many things — and many of those allegations have turned out to be accurate — but boiling children and making large vats of outdoor kid soup isn’t one of them … yet.


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