Lala Kent: Tom Sandoval Had Several Side Chicks, Isn’t Capable of Loving Anyone But Himself



Lala Kent has never been one to mince words.

And she really doesn’t hold back when it comes to her least favorite Vanderpump Rules castmate, Raquel Leviss.

And when it comes to Leviss’ scandalous affair with Tom Sandoval, Lala spews venom like it’s her job — which it sort of is.

Kent was in rare form during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night, hurling insults at a rate to rival Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

“I started becoming suspicious, I want to say in August. When it began, allegedly,” Kent recalled during the broadcast.

And while Lala believes Raquel is a “snake” who doesn’t deserve forgiveness, she added that she feels Leviss and Sandoval are equally to blame for their betrayal of Ariana Madix.

“I think it’s a tie because Raquel was the best friend; that’s who you lean on when your man does dirty stuff, right?” she argued.

Kent added that she believes the romance will quickly lose its luster now that Sandoval and Leviss are no longer sneaking around.

“He’s gonna, like, now see that its real life and he’s gonna be like, there isn’t much happening, is there?” Kent asked.

From there Kent really dropped the mic, arguing that Sandoval can’t be in love with Raquel because he’s incapable of loving anyone.

Tom Sandoval attends the Los Angeles premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World Dominion” on June 06, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Asked about the short-lived romance between Raquel and Tom Schwartz, Lala alleged that Schwartz was duped into covering for his best friend’s affair.

“I think Schwartz was absolutely the decoy [but] I don’t think he realized it and that’s what’s so gross about it,” Kent said.

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Lala is also a proponent of the theory that Sandoval’s affair with Raquel was not the first time he was unfaithful to Ariana.

In previous interviews, Kent has delved deep into the annals of Vanderpump history, recalling the incident in which a woman known as “Miami Girl” sauntered into SUR and alleged that she had an affair with Sandoval.

Tom Sandoval has lost a lot of friends recently. (Photo via Bravo)

Even Lisa Vanderpump — who is a business partner and long-time defender of Sandoval — admitted that she now believes Sandoval slept with Miami Girl.

“Well, I never think anybody comes into a bar and says they did hook up with you if they didn’t,” Lisa said during her most recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“I think they might say they didn’t if they did. So, yeah, I believe Miami Girl.”

Tom Sandoval attends the grand opening of The House of Barrie at House of Barrie on October 04, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for House of Barrie)

Needless to say, these are tough times for Sandoval, who previously enjoyed a reputation as VPR’s resident “nice guy.”

We guess he had everyone fooled.

Well, perhaps we should say almost everyone. It seems that Lala has had her suspicions since day one.


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