Sister Wives Fans Trash Kody Brown: You’re Selfish! You’re Greedy! You Suck!



You may not believe this, but a number of people across the Internet think Kody Brown is very selfish and insensitive.

Wait, what’s that?

You absolutely, totally and completely believed that?

Fair point.

In the wake of Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown all terminating their spiritual marriages with Kody, a number of Sister Wives fans out there are wondering how the show can even continue.

Just think about it, right?

Kody doesn’t even have any sister wives any longer.

He’s only married to Robyn, and Robyn has been blasted left, right and every direction in between over the last several weeks by those who see her as a bad parent and also as someone who monopolized Kody’s time and affection.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

Considering Kody’s lack of polygamous relationships at the moment and considering the abuse his so-called soulmate continues to receive on social media, many are now asking:

Why doesn’t Kody just walk away? Why doesn’t he just end Sister Wives here and now?

“What I find interesting is that Kody is Robyn’s flying monkey and he defends/protects her at all costs, yet he doesn’t stop filming,” one Reddit user recently pointed out, referring to Robyn regularly being slammed by pretty much every TLC viewer.

“He’s not ‘protecting’ her from the hate by shutting down the tv show. So the conclusion is simple — they like the income too much.”

Robyn Brown breaks down over the state of the Sister Wives.

Another person echoed the same sentiment as follows:

“If he loved her like he says he does he would have shut down the show a long time ago to protect her.”

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“I honestly think they all just liked the money too much to give up the show,” a third noted, with a fourth added:

“And Kody’s narcissism was to [sic] strong to not be the center of attention and be ‘famous.’ He loved every minute of the show.”

Kody Brown looks pretty angry in this scene from a Season 17 Sister Wives episode.

There’s been talk of late about a potential Sister Wives spinoff that would follow Christine and Janelle as they navigate their lives outside of a polygamous household.

The former star, of course, is now in a serious relationship with a man named David Woolley — and it appears as if he’ll actually appear on Sister Wives Season 18.

What if Kody has to actually meet him at some point on air?!?

It would be must-see TV!

Back on Reddit, meanwhile, some folks recalled the time when TLC planned on canceling the popular reality series… only for Kody to reportedly renegotiate lower salaries for the brood, pumping up the intriguing storylines so that the network would keep them around as long as possible.

“They were just starting and TLC wanted more drama or the show was going to be canceled.

“So Kody created drama to keep the show going. He’s been creating drama ever since,” a Redditor explained, prompting another to reply:

“Doubt they’ll ever tell TLC they are done, TLC will have to pull the plug and tell them no negotiation.”


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