The Link Up: The Newsletter We INSTANTLY Signed Up For, Caitlin’s Necessary Household Tool, And Jess’ $12 Butter-Soft Long Sleeved Shirt



Happy Sunday and our first one in March! As you probably saw yesterday, Emily has some exciting things coming up and needs some hired help and some rooms to make over. If you live in the PDX area and might be interested, go read that post now. For the rest of us non-PDXers let’s jump right into this link up.

This week’s house tour is more of a home/office tour and it. is. beautiful. Ghia is a spirits-free apéritif company that works out of a Tudor home in Beachwood Canyon, LA. We can’t get over what looks like handpainted murals. They are so stunning and welcoming. Actually, every design detail feels like a stylish hug. Go check it out!

From Emily: If you haven’t signed up for Orlando’s new Substack newsletter, The Lost Arrow, then I HIGHLY recommend you do that right now. It’s Orlando talking about whatever he wants and it’s, as always, extremely entertaining. I think we all get excited when an Orlando post shows up here so now you can have his humor and his warmth even more. You can get occasional posts for free or subscribe for $8 a month. There’s a bit of a discount if you buy a whole year’s worth. I’m so happy we are getting more Orlando:)

Did y’all see David Quarles, IV’s new wallpaper line with Chasing Paper?? Not only is it wonderful but these designs were inspired by the strong women in David’s life. You can feel the joy coming from the colors and patterns. Then to top it off, these papers come in either a traditional material or a faux grasscloth! He is as talented as he is kind (read: VERY) so go check them out and his Instagram account!

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From Jess: I impulse-bought this striped shirt the day before my Paris trip and I am SO glad I did. It’s so soft, thin (so great for layering), and the “brown” color is the perfect neutral. It went with almost every outfit. And to top it off, it’s currently on sale for $12.

Also From Jess: I want to cut my citrus like this now.

From Mallory: Thinking about getting this dress to wear to my friend’s wedding but I’m on the fence – I LOVE the silhouette but is the color too much for a wedding guest?? It’s in Palm Springs so I feel like I can get away with going a bit brighter but you guys tell me. Do I cop yay or nay?!?!

From: Ryann: I have a beautiful new podcast to share. It’s called My Mother Made Me and it’s hosted by author Jason Reynolds who talks so poetically about life, his upbringing, and of course, his mother. She is also on the podcast and it’s part story-telling part real-time conversation and just SO GOOD. His voice is so soothing and the way he speaks is so poetic and breathtaking. His mother is just the sweetest and the wisest. I love it so much and I hope you give it a listen.

From Caitlin: What’s like, the least sexy product you could imagine? Because that’s what I’m about to share with you, and I need you to manage your expectations. Last week I purchased this sink plunger (oh baby!!!) after my kitchen sink seemingly regurgitated a bunch of stuff and refused to drain (#fun!! #blessed!!). I didn’t want to use any chemicals and I also didn’t want to bother my landlord, so I had this delivered same-day and it fixed the problem SO QUICKLY. My sink has literally never drained better! I now keep it in my shower (is that gross?) and it’s been GAME-CHANGING at rectifying my slow drain (which clogs weekly with just product – I don’t even let hair get in there). I now do a few little plunges before turning the water off and getting out and the difference is incredible every time. It seems like most of my friends don’t have a sink-size plunger, so highly recommend adding one to your emergency artillery (you know, before you splurge on Drano or attempt some homemade drain-cleaning concoctions)! 10/10.

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Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Anna Spaller I via Chasing Paper

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