Amazon Reviving 12+ MGM Franchises For Movies & TV (Including Robocop & Stargate)



Amazon has plans to revive at least 12 MGM franchises for film and TV projects, including Robocop and Stargate. Amazon’s deal to acquire MGM closed in March 2022, giving them access to the many movie and TV franchises the company owns. This includes everything from James Bond to Legally Blonde, adding a diverse number of intellectual properties to Amazon’s catalog.

According to Deadline, Amazon plans on taking advantage of their purchase of MGM soon, with at least 12 franchises being eyed for initial development across both television and film. This includes the prioritization of a Stargate film and a Robocop TV series. The many other franchises involved also have movies and TV series taking various stages of priority.


Amazon’s Expansive Plans For MGM Franchises Explained

Daniel Craig and Sean Connery as James Bond

Alongside projects in the Robocop and Stargate franchises, Amazon is also considering a movie and possible TV series for Legally Blonde. On the movie side, a Thomas Crown Affair movie is being considered, as well as an animated Pink Panther film. TV series based on Barbershop, Fame, and The Magnificent Seven are also being developed. Amazon is also producing a James Bond competition series, with no news yet as to how the company will move forward with the character on the big screen.

Amazon’s massive number of projects based on MGM franchises signals an upcoming resurgence for intellectual properties that have been quiet for some time. Robocop has not seen a release since its 2014 remake starring Joel Kinnaman, while Stargate‘s last release was Stargate Origins, a series of 10-minute shorts released in 2018. Given how long it’s been since these and many other MGM franchises have had new entries, Amazon may be able to breathe new life into familiar worlds.

Amazon’s decision to produce a plethora of movies and TV shows based on MGM properties underscores how much they want to take advantage of the many franchises they now own. Under Amazon, it’s possible media properties like Robocop and Stargate will flourish as new ideas are brought into their respective series. With plenty of content now on its way, Amazon is likely to showcase a boon of MGM-based titles in the near future.

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